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5 Cheap Montego Bay Jamaica Hotels


Jamaica is a beautiful island under the sun and is known for its luxurious hotels. There are several hotels in Jamaica that cater mostly to visitors. There are cheap Jamaica hotels that visitors can pay for with their debit, credit cards or cash.  Most of the hotels are all-inclusive, meaning that you pay for your room and food together. There is usually a bar where Jamaican drinks are served. Negril, located between Westmoreland and Hanover, has lots of tourist attractions. 


Sandals is located in Negril, and they have cheap Jamaica hotels, beach reorts and spas. Sandals is close to the Cool Runnings water park. Another one of the all-inclusive cheap Jamaica hotels is Beaches. This hotel is close to the famous Negril lighthouse. The Grand Pineapple Beach Hotel is another cheap hotel. It is close to the Nine Miles Beach. Secret Cabin is located in a calm and serene area close to the beaches. White sands is a favorite among all the cheap Jamaica hotels. The people in Jamaica are warm and friendly.

The food served will be caribbean food, spicy and nice. Jerk pork and jerk chicken is a tradition for the people in Jamaica. Each Jamaican Hotel has a beach resort, with nice sandy beaches. The people working at the hotels will attend to your every needs and you will be treated with the utmost respect. There are other places in Jamaica where one can find cheap hotels. Jamaica has 14 parishes and each parish has all-inclusive hotels and beach resorts. Sandals has a chain of hotels in Montego Bay, Negril, Ohio Rios and Whitehouse. Sandals Whitehouse is on the southcoast and is close to the countryside. The beaches in Jamaica are clean and beautiful. It's like paradise on Earth. It's a wonderful feeling to leave one's footprints in the sand, and Sandals is the place to be.


Sandals Hotel consist of 360 rooms, and each room faces the ocean. The view is breathtaking. Negril has seven miles of white sandy beaches, therefore most of the hotels are located in Negril. There are over 500 hotels in the islands of Jamaica. A very long time ago, pirates used to visit Negril for treasure. Tourism is very important to Jamaica. Tourism brings in most of the money in the country and helps to build the country. It is expected that the visitors give the workers of the hotel a tip to show gratitude for the awesome work they provide. Most hotels carry a gift shop where visiitors can buy Jamaican souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, Bob Marley items and anything that your heart so desires. Jamaica is known for the good Jamaiican rum, which is duty free when coming through the airport.

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Reviews and ratings of the cheap Jamaica hotels can be found on the Internet. Reservation can be made online, or you can call the cheap Jamaica hotels of your choice toll free. You can tell them how many rooms you need and they will quote you the price.

By Charm Treleven, published at 02/25/2012
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5 Cheap Montego Bay Jamaica Hotels. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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