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What Can You Expect In Mauritius Vacations?


Nature has always fascinated the man with its bounties and beauties. Whenever we are out of our minds, highly stressed and we are looking for a place to calm down, it is always nature that drags us towards itself with the most powerful attraction. There would not be a single person alive who would not love nature for its aroma and charm. When we look for the blessing of nature, we find ice covered mountains, plain vast meadows, hot deserts, cool beaches, rain forests, high waterfalls and other countless things that add beauty to the mother earth. The natural resorts and cities are also a way to add this beauty in your life, one of which could be the time of your Mauritius Vacations.


Mauritius, as told by Mark Twain, “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” It is literally a heaven on earth. People love to visit this sandy island for their holidays and honeymoons as the charisma of its beauty is so strong that once you start looking for a place to spend a holiday, you cannot resist the temptation to visit Mauritius. When you go to Mauritius vacations, you see the white sand beach spreading from each corner of the island, with its beautiful beach trees and the pleasant sun when falls on the sapphire water of the sea; it makes the lagoons inside it contrast the heavenly beauty. There are a number of luxurious and tempting hotels on the island too that will grab your attention with your their lavish interiors and the amazing sights they offer from each window.

There are a number of people who wants to have a Mauritius vacations specially to have their honeymoon in there as this beautiful piece of heaven on earth provides a lot of opportunities to the new couples. Other than honeymoon adventures you can enjoy the wedding ceremonies in here as well, because people love this spot to make the biggest decision of their lives under the soothing sun and dazzling sand, making your Mauritius Vacations a memory worth to preserve.


Mauritius is also called the old hoe of Dodo as that extinct yet beautiful bird was the symbolic animal of this island. The safari adventures of this island are one of the most famous that usually comprise of a bumpy ride in Sabi Sands where you can enjoy the ride with several wild but harmless animals as well. You can enjoy the day adventuring, riding and climbing the trees while for the night you can enjoy cooking by collecting some wood for the fire and relive the spirit of adventure for Mauritius Vacations. You can also enjoy conversations with dolphins in the deep sea while staying away from the whales.

Tips and comments

You must choose to visit Mauritius Island in the best weather conditions as that place has a very hot climate. If you visit Mauritius Vacations in September you can enjoy a number of sports and games held there as well. We wish you all the best to enjoy your trip.

By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 01/22/2012
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What Can You Expect In Mauritius Vacations?. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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