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Selecting the best birthday parties games to make the party fun

Children are known mainly for the fact that they love to play around a lot and have fun. Where kids are concerned there are so many things that have to be made right to ensure that every child has fun. With children all you need is to have a big space. Make sure birthday parties games are cut across all sectors to ensure that every child has something to do at the party.

Some birthday parties games ideas

  • Build bouncing castles for children to play with adult protection to ensure that no one gets hurt.
  • Also, children can be given some balloons that have been designed in the form of animals to blow. It is fun because children love what they see as outcome of the balloons they have blown.
  • Musical chairs or other musical party games; is one of the best games that can get every child and even adult at the party up and entertained.
  • Also, parcels can be given to open within specific minutes in order to select a winner.
  • Mad lips; here children sit in a circle and each one tells jokes or funny stories.
  • Singing competition; for children who love to sing, the singing completion will be perfect.  
  • Dancing competition; for the children who love to dance, there should be a dancing competition for them. Here, the winner should be given a reward.
  • Barbie talking dolls and play set; girls all over the world love Barbie dolls and even age does not change that. Having a talking Barbie doll with some sets of kitchen appliances and dresses gives them something to have fun with.
  • Other games like automatic cars; this type of games are mostly for children between the ages of 1 to 5 years.
  • Video and computer games; this helps to broaden the mind of players but also makes sure they have fun.  
  • Playing basketball; here two teams can be created, one for girls and another for boys.
  • Playing football; two teams can also be created here to play against each other.

Selecting a venue that will make birthday parties games more fun

The best venue for birthday parties games should be somewhere not far from town and somewhere where children are assured of safety like the home of the celebrant, school compound, friend’s house, a club house in your community, or even at the church premises. It is important to choose games that does not cause any trouble or harm children in any way. Games must be safe to play.

Some tips on planning themes for birthday parties games

Planning birthday parties games for kids do not have to cost you a fortune because although they might seem complicated at the start, they are very easy to pull through only if you want to. First of all, you can start by renting an outdoor shelter or use your compound if it is big enough. Children love to eat, drink and also visit the toilet so make sure there are lots of food, water, drinks and also a clean wash room with supplies like toilet rolls and soaps not lacking. Having a chaperon to make sure all children are fine is important.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/12/2012
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Themes For Birthday Parties Games . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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