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fun games for birthday parties

Published at 01/27/2012 04:36:54


Birthday parties can be a lot of fun even for adults. Birthday for kids are always special but then the adults are invited, you can have a whole get together with the kids and the adults, and surprisingly enough it can be a great evening indeed. Watching the most important thing in your life shine with joy and excitement for kids are always excited on their birthdays is a moment you would want to cherish forever. As they grow older, birthdays become less celebratory and so one day when you kid is old enough to be a dad, you will look back at these moments and remember the good old times when you used to plan all these fun games for birthday parties.


Planning fun games for birthday parties have been a concept that has been around for ages. This basically dates back to the concept of entertaining people while they are at the party. There is only so much food they can eat and small talk that they can make! And that is just the case with adults. Children have a short attention span so if you don’t keep them occupied they eventually get bored and will not have a good time. Now you don’t want that to happen hence you need to plan some great and fun games for birthday parties.


fun games for birthday parties

There are a lot of fun games for birthday parties, classics you can call them that we all expect to be there at the party. A birthday, especially for kids is no fun without having the old games present. Now some of the classics include musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, hit the piñata, pass the parcel, blindfold chase, and tag, you’re it. These are some of the games that you might want to have at the birthday party. You can even make some changes and adjust these games, or tweak them to interest kids of today. The new generation loves video games and TV, so you could maybe incorporate those concepts in the games. You can even have a mini jeopardy for kids where you could ask them to guess a cartoon character that the other person could draw, act like, or simply describe in three words. These games are educationally healthy and fun to play. For every correct guess, a person could win a prize. Hit the piñata, never gets old and with free candy, who wouldn’t want to play that? Some parents think it might be a violent equivalent for kids so you might want to be careful with that one. For a more fun time, ask the parents to send over a change of clothing with the children and you could set up a field for water fights in your backyard. It is water, it won’t ruin anything, and it won’t hurt anyone and it can be great fun to play as well.

Tips and comments

When planning fun games for birthday parties , ask your kid if he wants something special or a specific game to be added and that way he can be involved in all the arrangements for his birthday.


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