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Environmentally Friendly Princess Birthday Parties

Published at 01/14/2012 19:17:59

Going green with birthday princess parties

For some time now, there have been so many issues where global climate change has affected people all over the world which is why we are being advised to go green to save the world. Many people consider environmentally friendly birthday parties as boring and very ugly which can be true and false. There are many people who decide to plan go green birthday princess parties but end up doing a woeful job because they have no idea how to go about the whole process. Unlike all other parties, go green princess birthday parties can be very stressful and difficult to plan which is why it is very important to have an idea on the process.  Going green means saving yourself from long hours of picking rubbish and cleaning after the party and also means saving the climate and the human race.

Some ideas on having environmentally friendly birthday princess parties

You can decide to have environmentally friendly princess birthday parties at the following venues;

  • Zoos
  • Museums
  • Community parks
  • Botanical garden
  • Home garden
  • Hotel garden
These are few of the ideal places to celebrate your environmental friendly birthday princess parties. The main advantage of celebrating your birthday parties in such locations will bring extra joy to the function.

Planning go green birthday princess parties

When making plans for environmentally friendly princess birthday parties it is important to make sure you inculcate the going green spirit into every guest before they get there. Decorations should be brown and green mostly to represent earth and nature. You should also make sure food at the birthday party revolves around the greens like vegetables, homemade or freshly made fruit juice, and others but make sure they do not sound as tasteless as people think they are. Make sure they are prepared by experienced chefs who know how to blend only healthy foods to make them taste great.

Some tips on how to go green successfully

  • If you have no idea how to go about planning the process, it will be best to hire the services of an expert.
  • You can have cake designed in form of the sea, grass, a plant, or even plantation with little candies in the form of small sea shells.
  • You should also go paperless with the invitations and can send text messages to all guests.
  • No theme paper plates, napkins, cups, gift baggies, bounce houses, etc.  
  • You can also decide to use table cloths made out of linen or some other type of fabric is important.
  • Another exciting idea to give guests is carpooling because it is best for the environment due to fewer emissions, less pollutions and low levels of toxins that affect the climate.
  • If you can, it will be best to include or give your guests some examples of gifts they can bring and also do it in a very polite way not to sound bossy.
  • You can also add to the decoration pots of flowers of different colors and types to make the place look more beautiful.
  • Having an aquarium as a side attraction will help to give guests something to watch and also will entertain them since they all children love to watch fishes and nature. 


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