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Ideas For Baby Birthday Parties

Published at 01/18/2012 22:09:31


From their very first word to their speech at the graduation ceremony, children remind the parents of the journey they have made. For parents, their children are their most prized possession and to them every moment spent with their children is a cherished one. And when it comes to making memories, the best ones are made at the very first birthday party of a child. Parents put in a lot of thought and effort into perfecting these baby birthday parties and it is an event worth all the hard work put in. These baby birthday parties reflect the dedication of the parents towards their children and can serve as a reminder to the child of how much his/her parents love him/her.


In the past, baby birthday parties were not so commonly celebrated as grand events. Although all the family members and family friends were invited, the parties were still of a very simplistic nature. However, over the years, parents have started to attach a lot of significance to this event and a trend has developed to distinguish these parties from all the others that a child will ever be a part of in his life. And so these parties have turned into one of the most expensive events of a child’s life. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the money involved is well spent.


Different ideas can be adopted to make the best out of the money spent and all the while turning these baby birthday parties into a huge success. As a start, invitation cards can have a picture of the baby in the front or can be designed in a way to highlight the fact that the party is being held for the baby. They can be shaped like a teddy bear, a milk bottle, a baby food jar, a cartoon character, etc. Since these kinds of parties are arranged for the baby, it would be best to add to the decorum items that would capture the baby’s interest and are age appropriate, at the same time .For example balloons, teddy bears or even a cake representing a cartoon character can be used. Moreover, these days there’s a fashion for themed parties where the host and the guests dress up and act according to the theme. Themes like barnyard animals, ‘Teletubbies’, ‘Barney and friends’, ‘Dora the explorer’, ‘Looney tunes’, ‘Strawberry shortcake’ or others relating to any other cartoon that a baby likes, can be chosen. Even a simple princess theme can be chosen to make the party special for the baby. The parents of the baby should try to make the party as colorful as possible by matching the table runners, plates and cups with the theme. Also, the parents can assemble goodie/treat bags for the kids coming to these parties. These treat bags may have color pencils, small toys, candies or other edible items.

Tips and comments

Keeping all these ideas in mind and applying them while arranging for baby birthday parties would make these parties worth remembering. They would help make these parties a fun experience for the child and the guests, an experience that would always remain as a mark of the parental love for the child.


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