What You Need For Baby Birthday Parties
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What You Need For Baby Birthday Parties

Published at 01/22/2012 17:46:19


What You Need For Baby Birthday Parties

Baby birthday parties are that time of the year when you’re both proud and nervous; proud that your little prince/princess is another year older and nervous as to the perfection of the event when you celebrate that moment. The thing about baby birthday parties is that there is a lot to think about because a party for your baby means there are many other babies attending and handling that can be a handful. So what exactly do you need to for the big day of the apple of your eye?


What You Need For Baby Birthday Parties

The first thing to keep in mind while planning baby birthday parties is the time and location. Babies need to nap, so best to fix a time where they’ll be up and running. Also, they are babies so where you hold the party is very important. For example, if your house has an all around garden with a pond then it is the type of place where babies can venture out if they are walkers and it can get dangerous. Best to go for nice flat terrain where everyone is clearly visible. Here it is prudent to advice on baby chaperoning. Make sure there is someone accompanying each baby, even if not from their own house, then it’s on you to find a nanny or a chaperone.


What You Need For Baby Birthday Parties

We can take this further by emphasizing on safety. When organizing baby birthday parties all sharp objects must be stowed away. The place should be very baby friendly, especially staircases and electric sockets. These are essentials that need to be looked at before the fun stuff. If you’re inviting many babies you need to keep your eyes peeled at all times, otherwise only invite those whom you can handle. This might be a good place to mention a budget. We all love our kids and can go all out for them sometimes so know how much to spend and where. If the age configuration is based on ultra young kids, as in till age three then too many games will not be their thing. They would prefer yummy foods and maybe some story telling. And if outdoors, then the basic rolling and running around will suffice. They’re too little to understand rules anyway.

Tips and comments

Another thing to remember about Baby birthday parties is that food should be kept simple, as in most of it is going to end up on the floor right? Also, a simple theme is appreciated, like fairytale, pirate or a basic costume party. They’ll love their cute clothes and the themed cake. Yes, the cake is most important and it will always be remembered. try a no-pet zone, some kids can get scared. Make sure that you make nice and healthy goody bags to giveaway in the end. Since it is your little munchkin’s day so don’t forget about them while attending everyone else. Best to let a friend or cousin take loads of photos and videos. Just take it like a pinch of salt and it will be your baby’s most special day ever!


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