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Top Places To Hold A Child's Birthday Parties


Planning your child's birthday parties can be a stressful experience if you're not sure where to have them. If you don't want to have a bunch of kids running around your house, there are plenty of other options. Whether your child likes playing games, seeing animals or climbing on monkey bars, you can have fun and very memorable parties at several different places in your local area.

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Places that provide fun and entertainment make wonderful birthday party venues. You can book your child's birthday parties at indoor fun centers that have games, rides and characters for the kids to interact with. Some of these places have the characters put on live performances featuring music. There are usually separate sections of games and rides for younger and older kids, which reduces the chance of children getting hurt. These places usually have some rules on what you can bring. Certain types of food, drinks and decorations might not be allowed. The party packages often include a few perks like balloons, pizza and game tokens. Most will let you bring your own cake. The parties typically have a host or hostess who takes care of serving the food, cutting the cake and making sure everything runs smoothly. These parties generally last around two hours, although the kids are welcome to stay longer if they want to continue playing games or going on rides.

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Local parks are a great option if your child loves to play outdoors and you're looking for an inexpensive place to have parties. Most parks have shelters near a playground area that can be rented for a reasonable fee. You can usually rent a shelter for a couple of hours on weekdays or weekends. Generally, weekdays cost less than weekend or holiday rentals. There are usually very few or no restrictions on what you can bring, as far as decorations, foods and beverages. A big advantage to throwing a party at a park is that the kids have plenty of space to run around and burn off energy. They can also wear themselves out and have fun on the playground. The only drawback to having your child's birthday parties at a local park is that you might not have access to restroom facilities or you might have to walk pretty far to reach them. 

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Many zoos, aquariums and children's museums offer birthday party packages that are both fun and educational. These venues usually include a couple of special activities, such as feeding animals or putting on a puppet show. The parties often take place in a separate area or room and generally last around two hours. Each venue has its own set of restrictions on what food, drinks and decorations you are permitted to bring. Most party packages include some type of food, such as pizza and cake. The kids are free to wander around the place to see the animals or exhibitions both before and after the party. Although having your child's birthday parties at one of these venues is certainly memorable and exciting, they're generally much more expensive than other other party places. 


If money is tight and you have enough space, consider having your child's birthday parties in your home or backyard. You won't have to deal with any restrictions and you can set up your own party games to keep the kids busy. You can also hire entertainment, such as a petting zoo or a performer dressed as your child's favorite character, depending on your budget. 

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By Amanda Delgado, published at 03/21/2012
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