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Themes For Indoor Birthday Parties

Published at 01/18/2012 22:36:24


For an indoor birthday parties you need at first to establish a location. The location can be your own house or a nice restaurant or a fast-food establishment or simply a rented wide space where everybody can have fun. The next step is to cook a meal or to order one for the guests. The meal has to be healthy and light so everybody can enjoy the party.  Next step and maybe the most important you should not forget about the birthday cake , gifts, confetti horns, balloons, table sprinkles,  banners,  costumes and many more decorations and accessories depending on the type of the theme your are willing to choose .

After all those things are set for the indoor birthday party, choosing the theme of the party may be a hard choice. There is a great number of ideas that may come in handy for the indoor birthday parties. The choice is yours and may depend on the budged you are willing to spend, or may depend on the age of the celebrated person.


Indoor birthday parties can always have music themes like Rock Fifties, Groove Sixties, Disco seventies. But if u want something more special you can choose an airplane party, aquarium party, Arabian party, army party, around the world party, arts and crafts party, candy land party, cartoon party, casino party, celebrity party, cheerleading party, chocolate party, Chinese party, circus party, clown party, color party, cowboy party, dance party, game show party, Hollywood party, karaoke party, laser tag party, magic party, monster party, movie characters party, parade party, pirate party,  rock star party, super hero party, surprise party, tea party, video game party, sports party and many other.

Let’s say all things are set and we choose an indoor pool party for our celebrated boy who will turn 9 years old. So the fun is guaranteed you need to take some safety measures for the kids and add some articles to the shopping list. As a nice plus to this idea I would add an underwater lights show, island golf pool game, some water mattresses of different colors or shapes and a ball.


This time let’s say we’re having an indoor birthday party for your husband. The theme of the party is Chicago gangster (20th century). With the theme set, all u need now is to get your husband a nice vintage black costume to wear at the party and find the best restaurant to merge with your theme. Make the ladies wear flopper glamour dresses and the gents should wear dark costumes with hats and shoes with spats. Get some old style invites and for the menus order some spaghetti with good red wine.

Tips and comments

As some themes  for indoor birthday parties were said,  you can always add some games to cheer up people, a singing band, a clown, a magician, a very good bartender to mix up some nice cocktails, a dance band etc. I’d like to add that no matter how hard you try to get the best party ever the quality of the people is the most important because you can have fun no matter what. Indoor birthday parties are all about joy, happyness, having fun and spend time with your best friends.


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