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Ideas For Indoor Birthday Parties

Published at 01/18/2012 22:34:50


Indoor birthday parties may split up in two categories, for kids and for grownups. The difference between them it’s not that big, cause sometimes grown ups like to play like children.

If it’s a kids party things are easy. Decide where you want to have the party, and make good use of a theme for it. Kids would love a doctor party, dragon party, police party, Sailor Moon party, Batman party, Spiderman party, video games party, cartoon party, mask party, Alice in Wonderland party, Barbie party, Cinderella party, Dalmatian party, Hello Kitty party, ice cream party, sports party, Indiana Jones party, Japanese party, Lego party, limo party etc.


Let’s say were having a super hero party for John who is celebrating his 10th birthday. As his parents you have to decide a location, your home for example. Next your have to go to the local costume shop and buy some outfits for the kids, you can even rent them so you can spare some money maybe for some extra accessories. The party will be real success with a big cake shaped like Batman’s head or a he’s bat mobile.    

The theme of the party is very important make sure you select the perfect theme for your kid because the whole party involves him. Indoor birthday parties are a lot of fun when games are involved, a very fun game for the beginning of the party is Pass theOrange. For this game you have to split the children in two teams and arrange them in a line facing each other. Both teams sit on the ground with the hands behind their back. The first kid in each line is given an orange, he must pass the orange with his feet to the next player without the orange touching the floor.


The same principles are applied to grownup parties but the difference is that you can add alcohol to the drinks menu. A good theme for Indoor birthday parties is Hollywood Stars theme. You can use a red carpet on the pavement and you can also put a sign on the front yard that says “VIP Parking Only”. Try to make the invitations look like admission tickets, and you can make the cake look like an action clip.  Make sure you have a lot of games at the party, so that at the end you can have an award show.

Music is an important part of any type of Indoor birthday parties. Having a DJ at your party can be very entertaining, music is important for keeping people in a good mood. You need to have a song list that will make everybody get up and dance.

Tips and comments

Indoor birthday parties are the best way to have fun with your friends and family, because nothing is more important then having a good time at a party. With a little preparation you can have the party of your life just a few decorations can transform your home in a real party place. Remember to save the decorations for the next year.


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