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Face Painting Sets For Surprise Birthday Parties

Published at 01/21/2012 21:14:42

Face painting sets for surprise kids and adults birthday parties

For so long, face painting birthday surprise parties had been associated with kids but now even adults are beginning to accept the fact that face painting is also for adults. Face painting surprise parties can be very exciting especially when the celebrant does not know about the whole party and realizes the house or a venue to realize it is his or her birthday that is being celebrated. Many adults just like children love to paint their faces in support of a particular football team, for fun, etc.

Some face paintings designs and games for birthday surprise parties

Many people feel planning birthday surprise parties for face painting is stressful which is not true especially when you plan well. There are so many face painting games for birthday parties that you can use to make the birthday party special. Listed below are some designs and games you can consider;

• Wrap face painting sets in different types of wrappers with stickers and anyone who is able to un – wrap his or her package within a given time wins whatever it in there.
• Some face painting designs you can use for birthday surprise parties include flags, stars, butterflies, football, etc. Here, you can hire the services of a professional face painter to render such services or you can make it a competition amongst guests so that the one who finishes painting in time wins a painting set with his or her partner.
• Creating a part in the party where face painting lovers are given free tutorials by experts on how to paint some designs is best.
• Hide some face painting sets in specific corners of the venue and select some people to look for them. The number of face painting sets a guest wins belongs to him or her for free.

Planning the birthday surprise parties

Face painting birthday surprise parties should never cost you too much money to organize and also make sure all face painting sets bought are best for the age group the party is being organized for. Depending on the theme of the birthday party, you can decide to cut your purchase to a specific color or buy various color types or shades. It will be best to consult an expert to help you buy the best face painting sets both for face painting at the birthday party and also ad gifts for game winners at the party. The surprise birthday parties are always enjoyable and brings lots of joy to everyone. Invite all your friends and relatives to be a part of the surprise birthday parties and enjoy the day with them. Make this their best birthday party experience.

Some tips to consider when buying face painting sets

• Make sure you buy only quality face painting sets to prevent allergic reactions or any other facial issues
• Provide waste bins in every corner of the venue to ensure that the venue is not left badly littered with paper napkins.
• Make sure there are enough paper napkins and brushes for face painting
• If you do not have the expertise, do not try to make your own face paints.
• It is very important to buy face painting sets that match or correspond with the birthday theme.


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