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Themes For Surprise Birthday Parties

Published at 01/22/2012 07:50:43

Having surprise birthday parties for kids

Children love to have fun so just imagine making a child feel his or her birthday is not off important but you pull up a surprise birthday parties, they will go wild and filled with happiness and love for you. Children are very fragile which is why it is the little things like this that makes an impact on them more than the huge parties where they know everything will be happening. There are so many themes that can be used for surprise birthday parties for both boys and girls to add more fun and color to the whole party. If you are planning surprise birthday parties for girls, it is best to use colors red, pink, white, purple, green, etc but for boys black, orange, red, brown, etc.

Some fun ideas for surprise birthday parties for kids

• Costume party; this theme means every guest who will be attending the party should dress in costumes.
• Fairy party; here making your girl appear at the party dressed like a fairy in glamorous clothing makes a big statement and sets all concentration on her like she would wants. It is very important to make sure she has a unique style separated from the rest not as an individual but to tell she is the celebrant.
• Princesses Party; here you can decorate the house with bright colored patterns and also create princess chambers with canopies and beautiful royal chairs and other pretty colored princess stuff.
• Makeup Party; teenage girls are those that love to learn stuff like this.
• Cupcake party; here the party should be centered on cupcakes with the birthday cake also being in a form of a cupcake. Guests can be given various types of cupcake flavors to take home.
• Slumber party girl talk and funny secrets revealed
• Barbie party; mainly for girls to dress like Barbie which means decorations and colors at the party should be mainly pink and silver.
• Children’s tea party; here party is done in form of a breakfast with everyone dresses and sipping tea. Also, children act as grownups and learn how to behave when behind the table.
• Pirate parties; this is an opportunity for boys and girls to act like their favorite pirates and also bring along the one eyes, hats, pirate boots, etc.
• Animal party
• Superhero party
• Bowling party
• Skating party

Planning surprise birthday parties

Make sure you do not forget to involve your children into the planning process because it is their day so finding out what they think about a particular activity or part of the surprise birthday party is important. Since it is a surprise, you can talk to your child 5 months before his or her birthday and ask him or her to write down all that will be best for his or her birthday and use it without them knowing.

Some tips to consider when creating interesting gift ideas for surprise birthday parties

• Presents like video games, face painting sets, customized T-shirts, teddy bears and Barbie’s are perfect presents for your guests or even your child will be great.
• There should be so much to eat, and drink.
• Giving special gifts to the guest that arrives at the party on time will be great.
• Make sure there is so much good music.
• Do not forget to have the place filled with waste bins or baskets.


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