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Simple Steps To Plan Tea Birthday Parties

Published at 01/23/2012 19:38:19

Be elaborate on your tea birthday party

Are you looking ways to organize your tea parties birthday? You should remember to elaborate on the theme, especially if it is for young girls. You can make it a teddy bear tea party for those little princesses. There are many options available in tea birthday parties such as garden tea party, princess tea party, Mad hatter or Alice in Wonderland tea party. You can use more detailed themes for adult birthday parties. The concept of hosting tea parties birthday is to rejoice a birthday while assembling family and friends for a fun, yet elegant celebration. This would be an ideal and new  kind of birthday celebrations to all your guests. Tea parties birthday, is an exotic theme to host a wonderful birthday party.

Use themed invitations

There are wide varieties of themed invitations available in the market, especially for tea parties birthday. You can choose invitations from different shapes like flowers, tea pot, or other objects that compliments the style of tea party you are hosting. You should include any special information or instructions such as asking invitees to doll up, put an absurd hat on or to bring a friend, such as a teddy bear or doll. Adorn your party room or yard, elaborating on the theme of the party. Fresh flower decorations establish a joyful indoor mood while an outdoor garden is a natural selection. Soft, soothing music and colorful candles will help establish the mood as well. You can also use balloons as it is a birthday party. Arrange the table with place cards and linen napkins with rings.

Arrange the table using fine china

Set the party table with excellent china for a formal adult party, if you have a china tea service. You can also use mismatched china from yard sales or thrift stores for a kid’s party or if you are planning on a tight budget. Collect different caffeinated, flavored, herbal, non-caffeinated and various brands of tea for a big party with many guests. Flavored tea or simple iced tea would be right for a kid’s tea parties birthday. Serve cake, sandwiches, cookies and other simple finger foods.

Plan typical games

Include simple, typical party games for a kid’s tea parties birthday. Adult entertainment can be as simple as playing classical music low in the backdrop as adults are probably entraining themselves through conversation. Offer party favors for a kid’s birthday tea party. Employ a tea cup, which you bought affordably from a yard sale, thrift store or other source. Fill it with candy, lemon drops, nail polish, lip gloss or other costly items adult guests are likely to enjoy.

To conclude, you can arrange a craft for a girl’s tea parties birthday, such as making a scrapbook page or creating flowers out of tissue paper. Offer dress up outfits for young girls for a ‘fancy’ tea party. As they arrive, direct them to dress up area where boas, white tea gloves, perfume, fancy dresses and lip glosses are waiting. Since tea parties are supposed to laid-back, sophisticated, calm and enjoyable, you must keep your decorations in-line. However, remember your decorations don’t exclude fun.


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