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Your One Stop Checklist For Tea Birthday Parties

Published at 01/24/2012 15:19:04


One of the best ways to celebrate birthday is to have tea birthday parties. Tea birthday parties are elegant, fun and a chance for women of all ages to dress up, drink tea together and catch up on the latest happening in each others lives. It can be a sweet escape in your busy schedule where a hot cup of tea with your friends seems to be totally impossible. Young girls enjoy tea parties as much as their mothers and aunts. It is an easy and enjoyable social event to organise with delicious food and memories you won't forget for a long time.


The Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung, discovered tea accidentally when leaves of a Camellia bush tree fell into his pot of bubbling water and gave off an intriguing aroma. He was enchanted by the mixture and from then on it gained popularity and became known as 'Ch'a', tea. Queen Victoria's lady-in-waiting, Anna, had her butler bring in tea for her at four in the evening. She was fond of taking her tea with bread and soon she started inviting her friends to afternoon tea parties.


Tea birthday parties can be a casual or a formal occasion depending on the hostess. Casual tea parties are mostly organized by older women whereas younger girls like to dress up, mostly to feel like they are grown ups. Making tea and tasty finger food is an enjoyable part of organising the party. Sometimes the guests can be asked to bring one dish each. Tea birthday parties can have an elaborate menu which may include a birthday cake, dainty little pastries, patties, ice cream, crust-less chicken sandwiches and of course, tea. There are many different types of tea and the hostess can always have her pick. Make sure you lay out your best china for the guests, the best porcelain saucers and cutlery. Lay out fresh table cloths and arrange flowers to add to the touch. Stylize the tea kettle by putting it in a tea cozy and offer sugar, lemon and milk to the guests. To make your tea birthday party even more fun and delightful, plan games, like passing the pillow, treasure map and prepare gifts to give out to the winners. Jewellery, candies and fancy stationary make good gift, make sure to wrap them in pastel pink, yellow or other feminine colours.

Tips and comments

To make the event memorable, take pictures and make extra copies to mail out to the guests. You can always put up the pictures on social networking websites too as that will be more economical. If you are a guest who is invited to one of the many tea birthday parties, make sure you get there on time and send a thank you card to the hostess later. A tea birthday party should be planned at least 2-3 weeks before the date of the event. Don't invite too many people as that can take away the warm feeling of a cosy tea party. But if it is your birthday and you want to celebrate it with a lot of friends and all of your family then make arrangements outdoors, like your backyard or your garden as it can get suffocating indoors unless you have a really big room inside your house. Soft, classical music can also create the perfect ambience for such parties. Plan right and plan on time and your tea birthday party will be such a hit that your guests won't forget it for a long time.


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