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Unique Themes Games For Kids Birthday Parties

Published at 01/23/2012 19:42:19

Game Themes for kid’s parties

All parents look forward celebrating the birthday of their kids in unique ways. Surprising themes and ideas to cherish the best day of your life will surely make your kids happy. There are several themes that can be used depending on the kid’s age, gender etc, location chosen etc. But what fun will be there if there are no games to keep your kids and their friends happy and engaged and to have a memorable day. Wonderful games for kids birthday parties can add more fun for the colourful celebration. Kid’s game ideas and themes are many but it would be wise to choose one by considering the location as kids games need more space to enjoy.

Below are some of the ideal kid’s party games that can be considered;

Classic games that can go in with any location

Playing classic games that can go well with any party themes or location can be chosen as the games for kids birthday parties. These games include hot potato, signal games, musical chairs, duck-goose games, pin the tail on the donkey etc. With a big party hall such games can go well and even parents can enjoy some of them.

Games will create an enjoying and fun ambience in the party. Therefore, it is important to find unique games and game themes for kids birthday parties.

Lifesaver Relay game a unique choice

This unique game can give some physical exercise to the kids in addition to the fun element and also can be the best games for kids birthday parties. Split the kids into teams each with four players and give each kid a tooth pick. Each one of them is given a lifesaver candy and the team members are arranged in straight lines. Each player should pass the toothpick with the candy through the arranged line and should use only the hand in which the toothpick is there. If the team fails in between then they have to start again. And the candy should come back to the first person from whom the game started for the team to win.

Wrap the mummy game - great wrapping experience

Get cheap toilet paper in bulk as the important supply for the game. Group the kids into pairs with one child acting as the wrapper and the other one as mummy. In a set time period the kids should wrap the toilet paper around the mummy. And when the timer announces the finish time then whoever has wrapped the best wins the game. This can act as the best games for kids birthday parties can involve the participation of even the mothers too.

Wonderful outdoors games also can contribute to the best games for kids birthday parties and can be selected depending on the location and the budget of the parents. Beach ball games can go well with a coastal area celebration or even in places like beach resorts. And these theme games can also welcome parents who can have fun with their kids. Making your loving children to have their best day is your aim so get the best game theme and surprise them and make them celebrate to the core.


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