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Tips To Plan Birthday Parties Games For Kids

Fun and creative kids party games

It’s your child’s birthday party and with the date set, invites send it’s for you to prepare yourself to welcome the guests and a bundle of energetic kids to entertain the event. Organizing a kid’s birthday party is relatively a simple job. Well with few simple tips planned and with some great games ideas you not only can throw a fun filled party but at the same time can sit back and enjoy the entertainment and interaction between the kids. There are many birthday parties games for kids of all ages and that bring more excitement, bonding and challenging and that can bring smiles on the faces of all of them.

Balloon stamping- traditional game with a twist

This is a traditional game but with a new twist by making children choosing their own balloon at a time can surely be the best birthday parties games for kids. Arrange for a bundle of balloons that has some questions, commands or truths rolled in it and make each child choose one and stamp them to reveal truth of hidden puzzle in the balloon. Some interactive tabs like singing, dancing, talking, walk with a book etc can add real fun to the whole atmosphere. Making tickets of one truth and one do in each balloon will leave the kids with a choice.

Pass it on – the know you game

This is the greatest get to know you game. Make all kids gather in a circle and ask them to share their favourite things. It can start with the birthday boy or girl and they should spell her name and say that they like so and so stuff. The child follows should say that the other person’s favourite is this and my name is so and so and I like so and so stuff. Even grant a prize for the kids who can make it up till the end without any slip. This game is a good memory game and can increase the concentration and interaction between the kids and hence can go as the best birthday parties games for kids.

The Cotton Bowl

This is the best birthday parties games for kids that one can organise. Split the kids into two equal teams and place chairs back to back with a player from the opposing team in each chair. Blind the players securely so that they can’t see anything and hand each of them with a spoon and place a bowl with equal number of cotton balls on their lap. The host should stand with two paper plates and with a timer each player on each team gets 30 seconds to scoop as many cotton balls as possible and place it on the plates kept on top. The team that comes out with maximum of set points can be declared as winners.

With such interactive and brain storming games with some essence of fun you are sure to make our child’s birthday party a memorable one and the best the parents can give for their loving children. This article must have given you the best ideas on birthday parties games for kids.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/23/2012
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Tips To Plan Birthday Parties Games For Kids . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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