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Tips To Plan Dog Birthday Parties


Do you have a dog that has been a part of your family for a very long time? Does that dog have his birthday coming up? Well if a dog is a man’s best friend, he deserves a birthday party especially for him, appreciating him. Dog birthday parties have been thrown in the honor of a dog for a very long time now. The tamed dog has a lot of importance in the family and he is like a member. He is treated with great care. Celebrating dog birthday parties is basically for two reasons. One is if the dog has been a part of your family for a long time. The second is if the dog is new to your family. A special dog birthday party is arranged for welcoming him to the family.


The trend of celebrating dog birthday parties has been a favorite activity of many elite class women. This trend has been followed by the women who want to show off their wealth. Planning and celebrating dog birthday parties have been done on a large scale. The friends of the dog owner are invited who have dogs of their own. Billions of rupees are spent on making arrangements for these dog birthday parties. But these dog birthday parties are also arranged on a smaller level. Young children who have recently adopted dogs of their own also plan dog birthday parties and invite their friends over.


The best feature about every birthday party is the cake of course. The cakes baked especially for the dog birthday parties are quite interesting and different. There are different shapes in which dog birthday cakes are baked. The most popular shape is that of a bone. Since the favorite snack of the dog is a bone, so a cake made of doggie snacks and whipped with white cream on top to give it a realistic look. Other shapes include that of a doggie biscuit or a kennel. These cakes are prepared in very vibrant colors. The decorations made for dog birthday parties are also very interesting. There are dog whisperers in case anything goes wrong. There are no particular sitting arrangements as the dogs like to roam around more than sitting. There are balls and other games for dogs to play on the dog birthday parties.

Tips and comments

If you are planning your dog birthday party, then you must invite other people owning dogs as well. Donnot just go for those who you recognize, create an event of your dog birthday party on a social website and ask all the people to come. This way you can socialize more and you’ll be able to know more about the different tamed species of dogs. Make all the precautionary arrangements as well because you never know when the dogs go crazy! Dress up your dog with great care. If your pet dog is a female, make her wear bows and nail paints to look special on her day. If you have a poodle, then a red or pink bow would look great on her. For a male dog, make him look rough and tough by wearing a spiky collar and teach him how to grin at others to make them feel that he is special indeed!

By Anushay Q., published at 01/25/2012
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