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Great Venues For Dog Birthday Parties


Are you planning a birthday party for your dog and feel weird? Don’t anymore because this trend of celebrating dog birthday parties has been followed for a very long time now. Special arrangements are made for celebrating the dog’s birthday. For this purpose, a special venue is selected as the house is never a good venue for a dog’s birthday. The dogs like to roam around and make things dirty, something nobody can afford in his house. Special venues include places like open gardens or beaches. Beaches are very fun places of the dogs as they get the freedom to roam around, play with the balls and fetch stuff thrown by the people. This can be a fun affair if your invite all the dog owner friends you have because they will know just how to enjoy the function to the maximum


Venues for dog birthday parties have been arranged for a very long time now. People have been giving their dogs as much importance as their family members. The dog birthday parties are often more extravagant than those of a human being. This dog birthday party is arranged by the women who mostly want to show off their wealth and status. A large amount of the income is used in celebrating a dog birthday party annually. Expensive parks and beaches are booked as the venues. Since a beach is the public property, it is more expensive to book. Special cakes are ordered to the bakeries for making the cakes that would attract the dogs towards them.


Whether it is the doggie biscuit shaped cake or the marvelous photographs placed at the venue of the dog birthday parties, everything seems to be an attraction for the common man. To my surprise, the amount of money the women spend in celebrating dog birthday parties is much more than what they spend for celebrating birthdays of their own! Dog whisperers from around the globe are called for precautionary purposes. Expensive and massive cakes are bought. Many dog owners are specially invited for the dog birthday parties. There is dog food available at the dog birthday parties that the dogs crave for. The venues like the beaches and the gardens are decorated with dog photos and balloons. The dogs love to destroy these decorations at the end of the birthday party.

Tips and comments

For planning dog birthday parties, all you have to do is have a lot of money in your pocket. Every single commodity can be obtained and every single arrangement can be made if you have ample amount of money. First, you must have some friends who are willing to celebrate the dog’s birthday party. Then you must arrange the cake of a doggie biscuit shape. You must decide an open venue for the dogs to run around in. Dress up your dog according to his or her complexion. If you have a white poodle, make her wear a bow. Then decorate the venue accordingly. If the birthday is being held in a garden, tie big red bows on the trees and benches placed in the garden. This will make the birthday dog very prominent.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/25/2012
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