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Great Places For Pony Rides Birthday Parties


Pony rides birthday parties are rare and so places for them are also rare and very expensive. Pony rides birthdays not only include pony riding but there are other things that the caterers offer. You can also make the list of activities and food menu yourself which will cost you less. Different areas have their own stables for pony rides birthday parties.


One god place to have pony rides birthday parties is Sarah’s pony rides, Inc., situated in Chicago willow springs Illinois. They offer pony rides, pony rentals, horse rentals and pony rides birthday parties. Also in New Jersey there are many stables that cater parties and offer pony riding as an activity. There are petting zoos for kids in New Jersey also. Also if you live in New Jersey you can call the caterers up and arrange pony rides birthday party at your own home. Also in southern Connecticut you can choose your own farm and there you can arrange the birthday party of your kid and also have pony rides as the major activity. Another place is fairytale pony parties in Columbus Ohio, they come with beautiful ponies at your home for the party and you can decorate the ponies according to your party them. Besides that they also offer a juggler, magicians, animal balloons, and a mini petting zoo to make the party more enjoyable.


One such place for pony rides birthday parties is Normandy stables. There are signs that guide the guests to the party room and to the stables for pony rides. There is a table where all the guests gather and children color pictures of horses. The hostess brings cowboy hats, bandanas and sheriff badges for the guests. Then they take you on a tour of the stables where you see all the horses of every breed. There are also other animals that you can see such as cows and chickens. Then the kids start their pony rides. Three kids can ride in one cart at a time. The kids get excited and the pony walks and trots. After the pony rides there are saddle rides and each kid gets a chance to steer a pony himself. While the other children are waiting for their turn they can paint and decorate the pony for the birthday boy/girl. When the rides are finished the birthday boy/girl climbs on the decorated pony and all gather round for a group photo. Then the child on the pony leads all to the party room and everyone eats and with their goodie bags take leave. They also cater pony rides at homes. To check out the places near your household for pony rides birthday parties one should visit the website where you can also find creative ideas for pony rides birthday parties.

Tips and comments

If you want to make your pony rides birthday party more enjoyable and exciting then you can also add some games to the pony riding. After the pony riding is done you can announce that there are three legged races and sack races and the winners will get gifts, this will be exciting for the children and they will have the time of their lives.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/25/2012
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