How To Organise Fairy Birthday Parties
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How To Organise Fairy Birthday Parties

Published at 01/24/2012 20:31:02


How To Organise Fairy Birthday Parties

Enchanted, mysterious and full of entertainment- Are these the words you are seeking to describe the next birthday party you organize for your child? Want to give your child hands on experience of how the fairy world is like? How the fairies that you have just described in the stories can be turned to reality? Here’s how you can go through the entire experience yourself: organize fairy birthday parties for your little ones! Let them escape into the wondrous world of the fairies, with all the magic and fantasy, the elegant doll-like dresses, the mouth watering desserts, into a world where nothing goes wrong and there is happiness all around. Let them experience the best on their birthdays by hosting fairy birthday parties.


How To Organise Fairy Birthday Parties

Themed parties are always a great fun and allow you to bring out the creative side within yourself. Fairy birthday parties would mostly consist of girls dressed up as fairies; with swooshing wands, sparkling dresses and bodies adorned with extravagant jewellery. Although the fairy themed parties carry little significance for the boys, but they can always come dressed up as pirates- all set to hijack the beautiful princesses that are all dressed up for the party! And a long dinner table is all that’s needed to set up the royal feast- all giving every inch of detail that is needed for a fairy land.


How To Organise Fairy Birthday Parties

The first step in organizing the fairy birthday parties is to decide on the invitation cards. You can have them custom made on the internet by inserting your child’s picture on it and can then get them printed out. Before to distribute them to your guests, you can add more color to it by using glitters and other forms of art. Alternatively, exclusive party invitation cards are available at shops and you can purchase them from there if you’re running short of time. Using simple props in an innovative fashion can provide for the décor of the party. You can illuminate your house entrance and the garden with colorful fairy lights to give a feel of a fairy castle. Additionally you can hang a net on the door and fill it with vibrant colors. On entering the ‘castle’ the fairies can be given bracelets that are made up of ribbons and beads with jingle bells hanging below them so that they have a good feeling about the party they are about to attend. In the lounge, the seating can be tied with bows in shades of pinks and reds and you can put around stars that are made from cardboard and wrapped up in foil paper, spread around in the lounge. The fairies will actually feel that they are on the seventh sky! Among the eatables you can have cotton candies, serve pink lemonade to the esteemed guests and of course, offer the huge sponge cake decorated with beautiful butterflies and stars and frilled with some icing.

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Therefore, fairy birthday parties are not all that difficult to organize if you can bring together every simple thing you have at home and add some spice to it by making it colorful and lively. After all, it’s your little one’s big day and you have to make it special.


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