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Face Painting Sets For Fairy Birthday Parties


One of the most popular and famous themes for birthday parties for girls are Fairy Birthday Parties. Little girls grow up hearing, reading and seeing fairies. Their fascination with fairies is very adorable. The fairy birthday parties theme starts with fairy themed invites, decorations, cake, caps and goody bags among several other things. But a very essential part of Fairy Birthday Parties is the face painting set. The face painting for fairies is slightly more difficult and detail oriented. However, it is an interesting way to keep the kids excited!


Face painting has been the oldest activity used to keep guests entertained during a birthday party. The fairy themed birthday party requires a special person who knows how to face paint according to the fairy theme. It requires a lot of expertise and special face painting sets are sold for Fairy Birthday Parties. And professional artists are needed to make little girls look like fairies with the strokes of their brushes. It is a perky way to get the girls excited and make them feel like the true beauties they are


Believe it or not, there are special books that are written and CD’s that are made on how to do fairy themed face painting. If you decide not to do the face painting at home, there are professionals available who have been doing this for years now, as it is not as easy as the usual face painting. The tools that are needed for fairy themed face paintings are a little diverse and not the usual brush and pallet. You require sponges, with which to double load the paint on the face and specifically the eye area. Pink, Purple, white, silver and glitter are the essential colors needed for fairy themed face painting. Once the sponge has been used for the base of the face painting, the brush is used to make flowers around it. A lipstick is also needed to paint the fairy lips of the little lady. Preferably a red lipstick or red paint is used to give it the complete look. Once the painting is done, the glitter is used. The glitter can be in the form of raw glitter powder or tubes of glitter glue. The glitter is used to give the face painting the final glittering and shimmery effect. Even small sequences and diamantes are used to enhance the look of the final face painting for Fairies Birthday parties.

Tips and comments

It is recommended that the face paints being used are not the usual poster paints available. There are specific face paints available which don’t smudge, are long lasting and don’t harm the skin of the little ones. Make sure you have a lot of variety of colors available so you can match the face painting with the color of the costume or dress the children are wearing. It would help if you watch a few face painting tutorials online or read about other people’s experiences, even reading the guide books would come in handy before you start using the face painting sets for the Fairy Birthday Parties of your little ones.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/24/2012
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