Themes For Western Birthday Parties
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Themes For Western Birthday Parties

Published at 01/25/2012 07:20:05


  Themes For Western Birthday Parties

Every parent wants to give their child that wonderland birthday party which they will remember for years to come. Since they are a lot of work it becomes very hard to make it happen especially in this day and age where both the parents are working. The time constraints make it impossible for parents to make it happen. You need to think different and unique ideas for the birthday party which your children might like. A great suggestion to you would be to throw western birthday parties; they are different, they are unique and at the same time a lot of fun as well.


Western birthday parties are something that all children ranging from the age of 3 to 10 years of age would love. The best part about them is that they are not gender specific. You can throw it for your daughter or for your son as well. Also, they are so many different kinds of western birthday parties that you can throw that it would really be a hard time to decide which ones are perfect for your children.


  Themes For Western Birthday Parties

If you are throwing a cowboy western birthday parties, you can take a picture of your child riding a horse and paste them on the invitations. The message written on the cards should be very interesting and funny. For Example
“ Yee haw! Come right hea’ to (Insert the name of your child here)’s birthday party and yo all can hav’ the time of yo’ life”
The best thing to do would be to have them in a farm which will provide you with perfect environment of cowboys. There are so many things that you can utilize from the farm. The hay stalks can be used as seats for the guests. They will probably be too big for the kids so cut them into small pieces so that the children can easily sit on them. You can buy a bunch of cowboy hats which you can give to each child as he comes to the party. For the entertainment of the kids, hire a pony which can give them rides around the whole farm and even an actor that talks in the cow boy language. The children will really enjoy the actor’s company and especially his accent. As for the food make sure it is simple yet fun so that it will not create a huge amount of mess that you will have to clean up after the party. For example cheese breadsticks can be given a fun name like cowboy legs. The last and the most important part of the whole party is the birthday cake, the birthday cake can be made in the shape of a huge cowboy. At the place where the cowboy’s head is you can paste the head of your child. It will of course not be edible.

Tips and comments

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind about western birthday parties. First of all, you need to keep your budget in check because all the things mentioned in the above paragraphs will cause you a huge hole in your pocket if your money is not spent wisely. Secondly, since you are doing it in a farm make sure the farm is clean so that the kids do not catch any sort of disease. Moreover, mention the exact time at which you want the kids to reach the park as many farms work on a tight schedule.


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