How To Organise Western Birthday Parties
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How To Organise Western Birthday Parties

Published at 01/25/2012 20:14:01


How To Organise Western Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are fun for everybody, especially foe kids. Nowadays birthday parties are being celebrated more than ever and the even though the parties are low budgeted all the guests have fun the due to the themes that are nowadays so in. people have come up with so many different themes for birthday parties such as cooking birthday parties, bowling birthday parties, birthday parties in some particular area, and etc. one theme that is in nowadays is western birthday parties. In western themed birthday parties there are many western games that kids can play, costumes that they can wear etc. cowboy parties is one western themed birthday party where boys dress like cowboys and girls dress like cowgirls and the invitations are handmade or printed.


Your child will love a western themed birthday party and it will also be inexpensive for everyone. Several western themed games that kids can play in a western birthday party include rattlesnake stomp, shooting gallery, milk the cow, rope the pony, wild bill, watermelon seed spitting contest, rattlesnake ruckus and etc. in the wild bill you can write on the invitations that wild bill is a thief and is wanted and you want friends to dress up like wild bill and come and catch him then when all kids come give them water guns and ask them to look for wild bill. Then ask wild bill to run from a room with a sack of goodie bags so that the children run and catch him and put him in a jail and can also have their party favors. Your kids will enjoy this party a lot and you can also take picture of every kid with the birthday boy and give it to them later on as a gift.


How To Organise Western Birthday Parties

Organizing western birthday parties is not difficult, just keep in mind that the birthday party is for the kids and there should be plenty of activities so that they don’t get bored. Also here are some steps that you can keep in mind to organize western birthday parties. Firstly make invitation cards, glue a picture of your child on the invitation and write your message underneath for example “WILD BILL WANTED” etc. then think of the western theme you want for the party and arrange a room with the western theme look. For example if your theme is a salon then give the room a salon look and if it’s a cowboy or a police theme then make a jail. After decorating the rooms think of the party favors you want to give such as cowboy hats or nail polishes of different colors. Then make a food menu, you can add things like fruit kabobs, baked potatoes, BBQ steak, ice cream and etc. then decide the games, you can add cowboys and sheriffs, shooting games, pin the tail on the horse and many more.

Tips and comments

Western birthday parties are not only for kids but also for adults and you can think of ideas for adult western birthday parties. Also as this is an outdoor party you can easily show your creativity skills by decorating the tables with red cloth and arranging for BBQ. Western birthday parties are fun and also inexpensive.


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