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Good Places To Have Dj Birthday Parties

Published at 12/24/2011 16:27:04


For birthday parties people always find activities that will keep their guests occupied so that they don’t get bored and have a good time. Most people love music and want to rock the party with music. That is why DJs have come up to entertain people at birthday parties. They ask the theme and the nature of the party whether it’s a birthday party or a Halloween party or a wedding ceremony, engagement ceremony or just a get together of friends and family and then they decide what kind of music should be played at the party. Birthday parties are an excuse to get together and have fun. Some people want to enjoy their 18tg birthday because they are no longer kids and want to make a memory of that day and here the DJs come in and make the party complete for the birthday girl or boy to look back upon in future and share the experience with their children and grand children. An example of a group of DJs who have come up to the expectations of all who hired them for their birthday parties is pro mobile disco. Here is a picture of the party they performed in:


Good Places To Have Dj Birthday Parties

In olden times birthday parties were simple and people used to sit and talk and spend their time and there was no concept of DJs and music in parties. But gradually as the time passed by and technology took over old ways of doing things music came into existence for parties. Light music was played at first for formal occasions but as informal occasions like birthday parties increased in number and rap music came into existence people started craving for thrill and fun filled parties which they thought were incomplete without music and in this way DJs started to play at birthday parties. Now the problem of where to have DJ birthday parties arose and people started to actually construct places for birthday parties where DJs could be hired to make the party memorable. An example of such a place is power house studios and entertainment who offer two venues for birthday parties and a whole team of DJ Entertainment Company.


Good Places To Have Dj Birthday Parties

Another good place for DJ birthday parties is the La Zarza lounge. It is situated in the east village of New York. It’s a rustic house with candles lit all the time, the walls are chocolate brown and the decorum is Spanish inspired. There are two lounges, upstairs and downstairs where the DJs perform hip hop, rock and 80’s music. It also has a bar on both floors and whoever has visited and celebrated a birthday party here has said that it is an awesome place for parties. Other places where you can have a low budget DJ birthday party are Notting hill arts club, Kensington roof gardens, north London-proud galleries, Delfina in waterloo, Berkeley parents’ network who are party decorators and also have venues and DJs for parties and many more.

Tips and comments

For people who don’t want to celebrate outdoor and still want DJ birthday parties, here is a tip for you guys. All you need to do is get sound system, dance floor and disco lights arranged for the party. For sound system you can get good quality speakers and attach them to your laptop or your computer where you should have downloaded all the songs that you want to be played in the party and ready will be your sound system! For the dance floor you can use the lounge of your house because it is usually larger than all other rooms, there, you have a dance floor as well, now for the disco lights you can buy colored grape paper which is transparent and wrap it around the bulbs in your lounge. Use different colored papers which will give a full effect of disco lights. There, all set. Now you can call up the DJ and have a DJ birthday party at your home!


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