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Environmentally friendly, also called eco-friendly is a term used for goods and services including actions, laws, strategies that do not harm the environment when used, consumed, and implemented. Birthday parties are often very messy and also consume a large sum of money if celebrated at a grand scale. Our environment has been contaminated and the results can be seen by the increasing number of diseases and causal deaths. DJ birthday parties have also contributed to the contamination of the environment.  By environmental pollution we do not mean exactly garbage and waste but also other types of pollution which includes noise pollution. These DJ birthday parties have contributed to noise pollution to a great deal which is why environmentally friendly steps are taken to reduce the pollution created by birthday parties.



DJ birthday parties have contributed to environmental pollution. Birthday parties are arranged and DJs are called to perform. Firstly they will come on cars and they will emit smoke, thus polluting the environment, the loud music they play will cause noise pollution, the hearing power of people gets affected, the loudspeakers used cause ample damage to the ears and others living around the place where the birthday is being celebrated also get disturbed. The gifts that are given on birthday parties whether to the birthday girl or boy or to the guests as party favors are wrapped and children throw the wrappers and that garbage is then not recycled. 



To protect the environment through birthday parties, people should not come on their personal vehicle but should gather at the place of one person and then from there everyone should go to the house where the birthday is celebrated. Secondly instead of giving expensive gifts people should make gifts with the help of recycling things. The party favors should also be handmade and the decorations can be done using newspapers with paint on it and much other stuff can be used to cut down expenses. Food should not be wasted, you can confirm from everyone whether they are coming or not and then prepare food for those people only and if there is extra food left at the end of the party that can be distributed among the poor. Loud music should not be listened to or played by the DJs. The invitation cards should be handmade and from material from home, not bought from shops because eventually they have to be thrown in the garbage creating more pollution. 


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Echoage is a charity based online birthday party service where your children can learn how to give and take without wasting anything instead recycling products and making new products from them. So now you can celebrate your children’s birthday and also contribute towards the betterment of the environment. Children will get to learn a lot and if every parent make it a habit for their children to recycle things then over a period of some years our environment will be much better than its today’s state and there will be fewer deaths because of polluted environment.            

By Anushay Q., published at 12/24/2011
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Environmentally Friendly Dj Birthday Parties . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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