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Tips To Plan Girls Birthday Parties

Published at 01/10/2012 15:01:28


Birthday parties are a special experience for young children especially girls who are much more concerned than boys about their image among peers.  It is important to make sure things run without a hitch so that your little girl has an experience to remember.  One popular form of girls' birthday party is fancy dress, so here we give some tips on how to plan a girl's birthday party with that in mind.


First, decide on a fancy dress theme.  This might be fairies or witches or some other girls' theme.  Your daughter might want to ask friends what type of fancy dress they prefer.  Whatever it is, it should be inexpensive; to allow her friends to come along dressed-up without too much trouble or expense.  You should also set a budget for you to determine how much spend are willing to spend on the food, decorations and prices. This will prevent you from going bankrupt.

 Second, decide on what food will be available.  If you have a knack for these things, then home-cooked food can be very tasty and goes down very well.  Old staples include cocktail sausages, crisps, sausage rolls, cream buns, and of course, the birthday cake, which is usually a colored sponge cake.  If your theme is witches, then you could ask your daughter to find recipes for monster-themed or spider-themed cakes and buns.  These are not only fun, but add to the atmosphere and make the whole occasioning memorable for all who attend. Foods should be delicious and easy to eat such as hot dogs, spaghetti and sausages. Never serve complicated meals as you would do when serving a party for adults. One added touch, and a tradition, is to allow each child to take a slice of the birthday cake home with them.


Third, an essential element when planning is to decide on what games will be played.  Whatever the fancy dress theme will be, the games can take on a pretty standard form.  Traditional favorites include pass-the-parcel, musical chairs, and pin the tail on the donkey.  While these might not seem like modern games, they are all enjoyable in a party context, even for today's children.

Fourth, make-up some party decorations.  This is probably the most creative part of planning the party, as you can literally let your imagination run away.  You can have a balloon archway and use a red carpet as an entrance for those arriving at the party.  Continuing the witches' theme, you could also make fun pointy hats for each of the girls, and perhaps a cloak.  All of these decorations and clothing will not cost very much.  In fact, most standard party materials can be purchased in cheap party packs, while fancy dress can be made-up from second hand fabric shops.

Tips and comments

On the day of the party, ensure the girls are all accompanied and collected at the end by a parent or guardian.  Make every child feel welcome and ensure their needs are attended to.  The most important thing to happen in the party is blowing out the candles on the cake – one candle for every year – so make sure you have candles ready for this purpose.


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