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Great Venues For Girls Birthday Parties

Published at 01/01/2012 12:29:02


 Any parent with a little girl knows just how important and special their child’s birthday parties are. These are the times where memories are made and captured, and its imperative that the party is a success. For many, however, the problem is the venue. Where do you find great venues for girls birthday parties? Read below and you will find some helpful tips the next time you plan your girl’s birthday.



There are a multitude of different and great venues for little girls’ birthdays that are sure to make her day extra special. A trip to the movies with some of her friends is always a great idea, especially if her favorite movie is on. Do not just go to any movie place; choose her favorite place or somewhere she has never been before. Cold drinks, popcorn and sweets will definitely ensure that this party is a hit.


For the little girl, that is a bit more sporty, bowling parties are very popular at the moment, and most establishments with bowling alleys will be more than happy to cater for your girls birthday party. Food, music and some carefully chosen decorations make this a great venue for a girl’s birthday party. So if your little daughter loves sports then this might be the perfect gift for her.



These days even certain salons and spas offer packages for little girls’ birthday parties, allowing them the chance to be indulged like their mothers, aunts and older sisters, with special treatments just for them. Completely unusual this is definitely an ideal venue for an older girl’s birthday party. She needs to feel pampered with a massage and a hairdo. It is the greatest gift you can ever give your little daughter. Make sure book at the salon and spa on time, you do not want to disappoint her on her birthday.


For the creative girl, why not try a painting, pottery or beading class? Many places offer group classes for special occasions like birthdays, and are fun and original ideas for your little girl’s birthday. Here the birthday girl and her friends will be able to learn how to make anything from a necklace to a bowl, and will have a great deal of fun in the process. Painting and pottery classes are a perfect gift for your creative daughter.


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A number of venues will also let you hire out one of their rooms for functions like birthday parties. This will give you free reign to choose a theme and decorate the room accordingly with balloons, flowers, pictures, streamers and whatever else your daughter wants. Areas overlooking beautiful gardens and water features make great venues for girls birthday parties.


If you are struggling and still to decide about the venue to have your girl’s birthday, then you may need to try out the ideas above. Your little daughter will always remember you and the day for the rest of her life. First know her areas of interest before you can choose the best venue for her.


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