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How to dress for bar jobs

How to Dress For Bar Jobs

Dressing for a bar job begins from the interview stage right through to when you get hired. Though many bars will have a particular dress code set apart for the bartenders and waitresses, first impressions count a lot. When interviewing for a bar position, whether as a bartender, chef or waitress, it is important to come dressed decently and accordingly. You do not necessarily need to be too formal but, neat, clean clothes that represent your personality and job capability are ideal. Most bars have their staff wearing pants, commonly dress pants and a smart but casual shirt. This goes for both the ladies and men. Shoes are usually flat to help ease movement and avoid accidents. If you can replicate the same dress code, but with a touch of your personality, you are in the right track when it comes to dressing for bar jobs. 

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On the other hand, dressing for bar jobs is highly dependent on the type of bar and where it is located. A bar that caters to families will be more specific about how they expect their staff to dress. They may have to wear a casual shirt and preferably a tie or bow tie with that. The pants have to be well fitted. They may also have a short apron around the waist. This might have a couple of pocket slots to hold a pen, a receipt book or a notepad to write down a customer’s order. A more upscale bar may enforce a different dress code. The shirts may have to be long sleeved and have to be worn with a tie. In addition, the clothes may be color coded to match the bars signature colors.

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If a bar is located at the beach, the dress code will most likely be laid back and fun. You will find the men in beach shorts and loose fitting shirts while the ladies may be dressed in short skirts and tank tops. Their feet may be bare, in flip flops or sneakers. A sushi bar in contrast will have its staff dress casual, most likely their choice of clothes but specified colors. In most bars the accepted colors are black and white. Apart from the clothes mentioned, a sushi bar will require that its staff wear long white aprons. Nightclubs and local bars are more open to having their staff be themselves. Though many bars do not allow too much jewelry to maintain safety standards, piercings, tattoos, different hair shades etc. are accepted modes of dressing in most nightclubs. However, they may require their staff to wear a shirt that has the bars name or logo on it.

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Besides looking to have the staff appear smart, neat and clean, safety and health standards have to be observed. Every bar therefore, has to ensure that both the staff and patrons visiting the establishment are in a safe environment.


Some of the notable points on how to dress for bar jobs are;

  1. If the bar has a dress code, observe it. Most bars may have you wear a shirt or blouse that has a logo or name of the bar.
  2. Foot wear is important and it usually consists of flat shoes, mostly black in color. This could be dress shoes, sneakers or deck shoes.
  3. The weather or season will play a role in what you wear. Short sleeved shirts or blouse, skirts and shorts will be appropriate during the summer. The winter time may call for a sweater or polo shirts and pants.
  4. Do not wear loose fitting clothes because they will interfere with your movement.
  5. If the bar has no dress code, black pants with a white or black top are ideal.
By Raphael Raphael, published at 01/12/2012
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