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How Business Cards Can Be Recycled

Published at 03/04/2012 06:14:26


If you are searching the internet for the term recycled business cards, it could be because you have plenty of unused business cards lying either at home or at your place of work. Nowadays, since many people work from home they never get to hand out business cards. The business cards could also have been lying unused after you decided to relieve yourself of your old job, or have been relieved of the old job. Whatever the case may be, do not throw you old cards into the trash bin – here are some ideas for recycled business cards:


Recycled business cards can be used as scrap paper. As business cards are printed mostly on only one side, you can use them to jot down quick notes. A smart thing to do would be to keep a supply of them next to your telephone, so that you can write down callers' names and messages and never run the risk of forgetting a call again and getting into trouble for it.

You can also use them to leave short notes for family members and friends instead of buying sticky notes from the market. Recycled paper cards can be used as rather neat name labels to stick on books.
If you are a parent or student, recycled business cards end up well as flash cards to help make dull memorizing rote work easier. You can even have two piles of cards, with the question on one and answer on another, to make the memorizing a sort of game.


Recycled business card crafts are easy to make and many in number.

If you are a bookworm or student studying for exams or generally have a lot of books, you can paint the business cards over and decorate them nicely to use as bookmarks. If you think a bookmark made out of business cards would be too small, you can always glue more of them together end to end. If you are very particular about how your bookmarks look and don't want one of the sides to be printed, you can stick them together so that both sides are blank.

Recycled business cards can be turned into gift tags you can attach to presents. You only have to punch a hole in the side of the business card (as mentioned above, to make a pretty gift tag, you can glue two cards together so that the result is a thicker card that is blank on both sides), embellish it a bit, paint over it, run a ribbon through the hole and attach it to your gift. There are a number of picture tutorials and inspirations available online that will help you design your own gift tags out of recycled business cards.

You can also simply give them to the kids – they can draw on them, write on them, build card castles out of them or do whatever it is their little hearts like. This is a sure way to get value out of recycled business cards as children can derive entertainment out of anything!

Tips and comments

If you have been laid off, you can always find catharsis in cutting up a few of those old business cards too!


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