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5 Benefits Of Uniquely Shaped Business Cards


Why Business Cards are Important?

Your business card should speak softly on your status as an entrepreneur, excellent unmatched service you offer, round the clock easy accessibility, reliability and many other traits. Many good business cards shaped and have influenced the minds of many prospective customers of a business at the first instance. Business cards convey more information than it is printed on its face. A loud, dirty, ugly looking business card with full of corrections brand you as a lazy, useless non professional, no matter whatever you offer. It will take you to the waste basket and your competitor will glow into a rolodex.


It is easier to express ourselves in writing than words. If you wish to influence somebody with words you have to be a master public speaker—that includes one – on- one conversation and speaking before an audience. Many people just write it down and give a speech before an audience. There are many steps in starting a business, but one important thing is often overlooked is a nice business cards shaped to create everlasting impression on the minds of every future customer. The business cards shaped to influence the minds of your prospective customers in a positive way towards your business is perhaps the most economic, convenient marketing tool. 


In short, a business card should have the following traits.

• It highlights the best attributes about you and your company. It is like a personal advertisement or tiny resume.
Business cards shaped to influence the minds of customers are more important for small businesses than a large corporation. There are many vocations involving personal skills and talents like painter, designer, consultant, architect, plumbers or home cleaning services that depend heavily on a few local clients and their referrals for the growth and development of own businesses.

• This is perhaps the easiest way to promote your business. They are handy you can carry on this promotional activity -- any time- anyplace- silently, keeping others unaware of your intention. This small gesture links you to a potential network.

• A good business card is the best advertisement for a business.
• It should be impressive to make people notice your business.
• It should make professional representation about your business.
• It should be capable of returning you a package of benefits you expect in return from an advertisement or campaign program but at a negligible cost.

Tips and comments

The 5 Benefits You Should Expect from a Uniquely Shaped Business Card

Your business cards should be distinct, unique and must stand out from others. It must be well designed, contents must be well drafted and should be unusually attractive shaped. Unique business cards shaped to be visually attractive conveys a positive long lasting impression. It has other benefits also:

(1) Economic: They are the most inexpensive but at the same time one of the most effective way to campaign. A well crafted product is always a hit.
(2) Small but beautifully powered: They are small in size but can be exceptionally strong and perfect, if business cards shaped accordingly.
(3) Convenient: They are the most convenient way to promote you, never annoying.
(4) Continuous work: If they are properly designed with necessary information people will preserve them and use it as future reference when needed and thus customer using your service gets higher.
(5) Easy reference: Customer satisfied with your service can contact you easily or handover or pass information to their friends about you.


By Smita, published at 03/16/2012
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