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Using the best management property software is important when managing few apartments or hundreds of apartments. Your software can help make management easy such as helping to market your apartments or by keeping accurate track of renter’s accounts. Management property software can integrate with your current accounting system to create an easy flow system from marketing and determining empty apartments to monthly reporting.


Online management property software that allows access from anywhere is Propertyware. This is beneficial for owners, managers and renters. Through a web browser and internet connection renters may pay their rent, owners may log in and obtain reports and property managers may update the system as needed. Propertyware supports all sizes of management property and offers addon tools such as marketing, maintenance and management.


Rent Manager Online is management property software. That started in 1982 as Rent Manager and now has a system that is customizable. As an online management property software tool renters will be able to make payments and managers will be able to advertise vacancies automatically. Rent Manager offers free online training along with in person training for a fee. Rent Manager is able to manage up to 30,000 apartments and is international.

Buildium Home Manager is a management property software system designed for fee-based control organizations, but is limited to a maximum of 1,000 systems per customer. The software is especially suited to international control organizations, presenting time zones, "country" job areas and multicultural personalization. Clear systems can be downloaded to customer websites or advertisements. The program also combines renter background record checks for a fee, but isn't able to include a business collection agencies service.

DIY Real Estate Alternatives is management property software designed for supervisors of less than 1,000 systems. Renter solutions include background record assessments and credit testing solutions as well as a business collection agencies service, and allows current house owners to view their records and make payments on the internet. This software also has other tools such as design layouts for DIY manager to create images for the web of apartment features.

AppFolio Property Manager is online management property software that focuses on continual improvement. The program encourages customer involvement with built-in opportunities for feedback and to invite new feature suggestions. Most-suggested features are then incorporated in the software on a monthly basis. AppFolio automatically posts vacancies to a list of rental websites and provides detailed accounting features, but does not provide for making electronic payments to vendors. Customers can request customized, hosted websites for a flat fee of $1,000 as of November 2010.

Landlord Max is one of the best management property software programs available on the Internet, with a price tag of $165. It is your complete renter control solution which can control renter prudent income and costs records. It can immediate you about late lease expenses and completely improve account control for you.

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There are a lot of management property software applications on the market, but it will help narrow down your choice by reviewing the best packages.

By Southern Bell, published at 03/07/2012
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the Best Management Property Software. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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