6 Tips You Must Know About Software Monitoring
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6 Tips You Must Know About Software Monitoring

Published at 02/10/2012 07:37:00


6 Tips You Must Know About Software Monitoring

Are you an owner of a business and want to know if your employees are doing their job rather than visiting other networking sites all day? Or are you a parent who is scared if your children are doing something inappropriate in their computers? Then you must definitely know about software monitoring system since it can definitely help you to monitor computer activities.


6 Tips You Must Know About Software Monitoring

Software monitoring is as the name suggests are the software in your computer that monitors all activities done in the computer. It will be saved in a special memory so that the main administrator can monitor the website that a computer access or limit the activities done in the computer.


6 Tips You Must Know About Software Monitoring

Always remember that a software monitoring system is just a tool that you can get to make sure your employees are not wasting working hours playing solitaire or browsing network as well as monitoring your child’s computer activities. You need to accompany this tool with personal monitoring as well.

Tips and comments

There are 6 tips that you need to know about software monitoring:

One is that it can do instant reporting. The computer with this system will put in the memory on what websites and applications you open in a computer with specific date and time. Then the administrator who has the access to monitor computers can easily check a computer then these monitoring software will instantly report to the administrator about the activities done in that computer. You can easily get the information via software monitoring system.

Second is it can filter and block sites that is not useful to the office as well as in the house. It can block social sites since this kind of sites should not be open to a child or an employee because it will distract them. In the case of an employee they will spend much of their working time checking on their social sites. Posting statuses in their social sites every time they want to share some things can prevent them to work diligently. So software monitoring system can hinder them to access these social sites for the sake of the company. In case of the children, parents who can access the software monitoring system can be assured that their children will not be a victim of internet predators via the social networking sites.

Third is a software monitoring system can oversees every application opened in a computer. These helps the company to monitor what applications these employees opens.

Fourth is this software monitoring system is easy to install since when you buy these system it comes with installation manuals as well as troubleshooting capabilities.

Fifth is that software monitoring is not only useful for the business point of view but also to home usage. Parents can monitor their children's laptop or personal computer to make sure that they are not accessing undesirable sites and applications.

Sixth is that there are cracks and proxy sites that one can used to prevent the software monitoring system to detect the applications as well as the sites given. So it is important to always update your software monitoring system.


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