Jobs in Sales Management
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Jobs in Sales Management

Published at 03/28/2012 06:23:14


Jobs in Sales Management

The sales manager is responsible for the company's sales force, the hiring and training of employees. Planning, creating, implementing, and reviewing the entire process depends on experienced sales management. Sales management jobs may be found in corporations under a variety of job titles.

The competition for jobs in sales management is high, according to the Bureau of Labor and is expected to increase. Skills required to meet the competitive spirit include powerful creativity, higher education, excellent communication and computer skills. The earnings are on the upper scale, however, the hours will include evenings, weekends, and possibly holidays. Stress is a major factor in high pressure jobs. The advancement potential is significant for the sales manager that maintains high standards and shows positive results.


Jobs in Sales Management

Education seems to be a key requirement for jobs in sales management positions. A minimum level of education required is a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree may get your foot in the door, but to advance further in an organization you may need to consider a masters of business administration (MBA). Obtaining an MBA opens the door to greater possibility and further advancement within the organization. It can also open the door to better paying jobs at larger corporations.

The school selection should include a look at the type of courses offered to receive an MBA or bachelors. Look for classes that include specializations, such as computer graphics, personnel management, and statistics. Jobs as sales management require skills in sales and marketing. Talk with a counselor or other students about the course work and areas of specialization your are interested in. Ask about continuing education credits or classes to aid in furthering your career in sales management.


Jobs in Sales Management

Jobs in sales management require a solid understanding and experience in sales. You can gain the experience working in smaller shops like a florist shop or retail store. Some small businesses will hire you without a background in retail or wholesale sales. Larger companies may be willing to hire a student as an intern. Colleges offer work programs to help you with paying for your education.

Develop a resume that shows not only your experience, but your willingness to advance and learn. Ask the company about continuing education opportunities and advancement requirements. The jobs in sales management are competitive, ask what would help you stand out from the crowd. Most employers are willing to help those starting out.

Tips and comments

According to Miriam Weiner of the US News Money, 40,100 or more jobs in sales management were filled between 2010 and 2012. As one of the best jobs in 2012, sales managers can expect to earn more than $98,000 dollars in the next few years. Jobs in sales management rank in the 75th percentile, following the statistics stated by the Bureau of Labor.

The more training, experience, and education, the better your skills, the more money you can earn. Benefits packages will increase with promotions and so will job stress. One of the biggest traits sought after for sales management is the skill to create an affinity with a sales team. Jobs in sales management requires a sense of finesse when managing a team. New sales managers have their work cut out for them with an established team.

A successful candidate for sales management will know how to work as a team member, be an effective leader, and problem solver. Attending training is part of the process to becoming an efficient team leader, practicing the skills until perfected is also an important part of the job.

Jobs in sales management can be found in various industries where products are sold. Before you decide on a school or a job, research the market. Learn what special skills, knowledge, and talent you will need to bring with you. Get to know you, your weaknesses and strengths. Develop your weaknesses into your strengths.


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