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What Are Stress Diseases?


What is stress and how does it affects an individual’s health? This is a common question nowadays.

Mental health professionals define stress as the physiological and psychological condition that an individual experiences when an eventful situation is perceived as threatening, demanding and harmful.

Stress Effects

Any sort of change can make you feel stressed, even good changes. It’s not just the change itself that matters but also how you react to it.

Stress occurs when the demands of the individual exceeds the means to meet such demands. When this happens, it may cause physical, mental, emotional, personal, social, or familial pressure. Stress can affect an individual through four areas of human functioning:

 1.) Physical effects of stress: These happen mainly through the neuro-endoctrino-immunological pathways. This causes increased heart beat, tremors, constipation, diarrhea, frequency in urinating, hyperacidity, etc.

2.) Mental effects of stress: This causes difficulty in decision making, inability to concentrate, frequent anger, panic attacks, mood swings, uneasiness and anxiety. These effects usually lead to mental health problems.

3.) Emotional effects of stress: These effects occur when emotional stress is not properly released. When emotional stress is suppressed it could lead to serious illnesses or diseases.

4.) Behavioural effects of stress: These can affect one's interpersonal and social relationships in a negative way. Some of these behavioural effects are: excessive smoking, alcoholism, aggressiveness, nervousness, being prone to accidents, etc.

Today’s biggest causes of stress include: work related stress, financial stress, conflicts in relationships and overwhelming family responsibilities.

Stress Related Diseases

When a person is stressed, he or she is susceptible in acquiring diseases. Some diseases that are caused by stress are as follows:

• Ischemic Heart Disease

• Skin Diseases such as lichen, pruritus, urticaria, etc.

• Sexual Dysfunction

• Asthma

• Fatigue

• Alcoholism

• Hypertension

• Acid Peptic Disease

Overcoming Stress

When you have so many things that are causing you stress, the body’s defense system is constantly activated that you may not have the opportunity to rest, relax or recuperate. We all know that stress can cause health problems or even make existing health problems worse. To prevent you from diseases that are caused by various stresses, it is then very important that we know how to manage stress. 

Here are some ways to overcome stress: 

• Know what’s causing your stress and choose a way that is most comfortable for you to deal with it.

• Exercise, eat and sleep properly. Regular exercise keeps the mind and body fit. It releases positive hormones which soothes the mind and relaxes the body. Eat nutritious and well balanced food to help keep the bodily functions in a positive mode.

• Make time to have fun. Regular leisure is necessary to recharge our lives.

• Breathe deeply to relax.

• Listen to relaxing music. 

Healthy skills for coping with stress are useful but sometimes we also tend to use negative or unhealthy strategies to cope with a stressful event in our lives. Some of these are: drinking and smoking too much, overeating, sleeping too much, isolation or doing too much to avoid the problems. People tend to do these things in the hopes of forgetting their problems and avoid facing them at the onset which only leads to a bigger problem.

By Felix Go, published at 02/19/2012
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