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How to train for jobs in management

Published at 01/13/2012 20:37:50


Management involves directing and controlling an organization’s resources in order to achieve desired goals or targets. Jobs in management are highly sought after, as most are well paying and help build up one’s resume. Proper training is therefore required to secure such positions in an organization. Below are a few pointers on how to train for managerial jobs;

Step 1

Choose a field thoughtfully

Management positions are plenty and lie across all fields and industries; Banking, Hospitality, Construction, just to mention but a few. It is important to choose a field you are passionate about. Working with passion produces results and is good ground to keep your creative juices flowing.

Obtain a college degree.

In today’s competitive market, you need a cutting edge that allows you to stand out. Obtain a bachelor’s degree in whatever field of management you choose. This creates confidence in your employer , that you are qualified to handle the responsibilities that come with the position. For those already working, online courses and evening classes are offered at most colleges or universities.

Step 2

Proper certification

Try as much as possible to ensure that your academic certification is obtained from a reputable institution. Certification from a good and well known institution will create the impression that you are better equipped. If you have held or participated in an activity that showcased your leadership skills, then it is important to obtain certification for it.Good references from your past help build faith in your potential employers or even put you up for promotion.

Take up a shadow position

Internship positions serve this role well. Training under a qualified manager allows you to gain practical experience in handling issues that come with the position. For employees, offer yourselves to shadow your supervisor. Let them delegate some of their duties to you under their supervision .This way ,you build faith in them that you are able to take up their responsibilities incase they are out of office or on leave .As this happens over time, they are convinced that you can comfortably handle such a position on your own in the future. This places you in the front row for promotion.

Step 3

Continuous training

Attend ongoing company training so as to keep abreast with latest trends in the industry.This way,you keep and remain relevant, thus more effective and  efficient as a manager.

Communication skills

In a management position, you will normally deal with people. In so doing, communicating efficiently allows smooth running of the organization . A management position will require one who is confident in the decisions and directives they give. Take training in public speaking to sharpen your people skills.


It is given that peopletrust those who have high personal integrity. Major responsibilities are entrusted to those known to keep their word and stand their ground. Do not let your integrity be compromised in any way.


You need to be organized in order to be a good manager. A management position will require you keep track of employees and assignments so that you are on top of what needs to happen in the business. This level of organization cannot be, if there is currently no organization in running your own life or small responsibilities in it.


Allow yourself to think outside the box.Approach situations even small tasks that you are currently working on with creativity.This way, you are able to bring to the table a fresh approach to handling tasks and issues.


Managing people and resources is not an easy task. Tough decisions will have to be made from time to time. Such a position also demands that you avoid biasness of any kind, and accord fairness to all at all times. This will create a conducive working environment both for you and others.


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