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Access management generally refers to the regulation of interchanges, driveways, intersections and median openings to a roadway. Access Management, abbreviated as AM is the keyed up management of vehicular access points to land parcels that are adjacent to all manner of roadways. The best management access in practice should be one that can promote the safe and efficient use of the transportation network.

The main goals of access management are to enable controlled and effective access to land uses. At the same time, it should maintain roadway safety and mobility through controlling access location, spacing, design and operation. This is very essential for major roadways that are intended to provide efficient service through-traffic movements. Access management is most evident on freeways. It is also very important on arterial roads and on minor roadways. This promotes safety considerations such as driver sight distance. In order to have the best access management, we need a set of rules or techniques to govern our access to major highways and other roads. 

Step 1

Access spacing is when we increase the distance between traffic signals. This in return improves the flow of traffic on major highways. It helps in reducing congestion, and also improves the air quality for heavily travelled corridors.

Step 2

In this technique, fewer driveways are spaced further apart. This allows a more orderly merging of traffic and helps by giving fewer challenges to drivers.

Step 3

As indicated by its name, these are a range of different turnings. Dedicated left- and right-turns, indirect left-turns and U-turns, and roundabouts keep the traffic flowing safely. Roundabouts give an opportunity to reduce an intersection with different conflict points. It helps reduce severe crashes.

Step 4

Median treatments include two-way left-turn lanes also abbreviated as TWLTL. Raised medians are the most effective techniques use to regulate access and reduce dangerous accidents.

Step 5

Right-of-way management is associated to right-of-way reservation for future widening, good sight distances, access locations, and other access management related issues.


Access management can be achieved through the application of different planning, regulatory, and design strategies. These are Policies, directives, and guidelines that are issued by state and local agencies. Different regulations, codes, and specific guidelines are enforceable. Another strategy is with the adaptation of land development regulations by state and local jurisdictions. Good geometric designs can also aid in access management. Development reviews and impact assessment are also used. Another point to be considered is that one needs to have a good understanding of access implications.


Different studies show that implementing good access management provides three benefits to transportation systems. first, it increases roadway capacity, secondly it reduces the number of crashes and accidents and finally it shortens the travel time for motorists. As you can see, a good access management system is essential for our daily lives. Dealing with the traffic network is on a day to day basis. With the rapidly increasing number of vehicles on the roads and busy schedules to catch up with, a well-structured access management is very essential. This can help save lives, keep us safe, save money that may be spent on crashed vehicles and also helps reduce our time on the roads.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/15/2012
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