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What Is a Marketing Event


A marketing event it a designing or developing a themed activity, occasion, display, or exhibit (such as a sporting event, music festival, fair, or concert) to promote a product, cause, or organization, is also called event creation.


Marketing event is one of the rapid growing fields in marketing and advertising at the present era. There is no place left where marketing event is not applied as a mode of promotions; you possibly cannot at present recognize the increasing number of marketing event programs when it is visible to you. This is because there are many flavors to marketing event and there are no hard and fast tactics and rules about in order to exactly define what is and what isn’t fall under the category of marketing event. Not going many far , just take a very simple example of marketing event is that of a coffee you get from the Dunkin' Donuts logo wrapped on a vehicle.


Apart from this, when you come to house hold chores, every product whether it be a detergent, towel, soap dispenser, cooking utensils and pampers for your baby, all these products finally land up in your house as a result of advertisements that is played on and off on your television set.

Marketing event is expanding a business to groups of capable and financially stable buyers. Many or it would be much better to say that most of the sales departments belonging to various firms have a particular target market or a selected organization that is wholeheartedly chose to become a client. It can be done with a two way approach, either as a participant or as a sponsor of an event. There is no hard and fast restrictions and boundaries to the different ways that marketing event can exalt organization’s awareness and reveal prospects to the merits of partnering with your organization.

To get more detailed and formal view, it would bring to our knowledge that marketing event activity can be held locally, nationally and as well as on the international forum. Both activities can help you get in touch with desired customers, and in some cases it eventually help you portray your goodwill, which can make a reasonably good impression and give a very positive image for your industry.

The prominent advantage of marketing event is to expand your business, beginning from one-on-one basis of selling products to collective group selling. Group selling helps your company exhibit itself and its variety of products to several targeted audiences irrespective of their color, creed and race, at the same time and multiple distinct locations, which is easily reachable to the common man.


Therefore, to put it in a nutshell, marketing event is a combination of multiple activities includes studying the complexities of the brand, recognizing the target audience, creating the event concept, planning the logics and working in parallel the technical aspects before actually executing the virtual structure of the proposed event.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/19/2012
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