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Top Tips For Using Pay Per Click Marketing

Published at 04/06/2012 05:58:43


Pay per click marketing is a growing trend that many people are doing in an attempt to make some extra money. There are many legitimate pay per click marketing sites, but there are also some sites that are scams. Money can be made on some sites, but it would take a while to earn a substantial amount.

There are several ways that one can make money on a pay per click marketing site, such as clicking on paid advertisements, referring others to the site, and by promoting oneself and the site. Below is a list that one should know about pay per click marketing.

Step 1

There is not a lot of money to be made just by clicking on advertisements. Most companies pay 0.1 cent to 0.5 cents per ad that is clicked on. The number of ads that one can click on per day is usually very limited. To make decent money, one would need to have referrals. A person should try to maintain a large base of referrals, due to the fact that one gets a percentage of the money that the referrals earn.

Step 2

Promoting oneself and the site is highly recommended if one wishes to make some substantial money. Many people have had great success with using a referral link. It is one of the best ways to get people to sign up under one's name. Be very careful with a site that request money to ensure referrals. To avoid being scammed, always attempt to find out about the company that one is considering working for.

Step 3

The world of advertising can be found everywhere on the Internet. Advertising in one form or another is on almost every website and search engine. Pay per click marketing is abundant and frequently viewed by consumers as they gaze at the search results for a search query or keyword. Many of the ads placed on websites at the top, middle or side of a web page are also pay per click marketing.

Step 4

Advertisers hope you will click their cleverly written pay per click marketing. If you click a pay per click marketing ad on the right side of the search results for your topic of interest, you are taken to a website. The purpose of a PPC ad can be to drive traffic to a website, provide web surfers with information or to make a sale.

Step 5

Website owners interested in advertising their website, services or products can sign up for pay per click marketing with any of the major search engines or as many as they want. Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Overture and Google are some of the largest search engines providing this form of advertisement.

Ads for pay per click marketing are handled on a bidding basis. Website owners determine how much they want to pay for specific keywords for each advertisement. For instance, if a company wants their ad to be shown alongside the search results for the word "gardening," they make a bid for that keyword. The company that places the highest bid for a keyword will have their ad placed nearest the top of the page on your search engine results. Hopefully a consumer will click on the ad and make a purchase.


Pay per click marketing can be the perfect method for controlling advertising expenses for a company. The company only pays for the advertisement when a surfer clicks on the ad. With this type of advertising there is a risk that a web surfer will click on the ad, you are charged for the click and the customer leaves your website without making a purchase.

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