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How To Get a Better Price By Bargaining


Buying and selling things is an old ritual. It is the oldest in the world. In the older eras, people used to exchange goods to get goods in return. But now all buying and selling is done by getting things for money. The price by the seller can always come done. This can be done by bargaining the price by haggling. There are many different ways to do this. You have to be strong when you are bargaining.

Step 1

The first thing about getting a better price by bargaining is that you should always ask for a discount. If you dont ask, you will never get it. No shopkeeper will want to sell his goods at a lower price than which it is offered at. You should be well aware of the market rate of the product you are going to buy. If you do you will be able to judge how fair the price is. Without this you might not be able to haggle effectively.

Step 2

One of the phrases you should use to start to bring down the price by bargaining is to ask, can you do any better on the price than this. This allows the seller to give you an offer. This will give a feeler as to how much you are willing to come down on the price. This will also set a rate of bringing down the price of the product. If the salesperson is not coming down on the price, you can always put forward your offer. Do not feel ashamed or hesitant to give a really low price. This will allow for margin to bargain.

Step 3

When you start bargaining be sure to be very polite with the salesperson. The key to bringing down the price by bargaining is to be very sweet to the person who is selling you the product, or you might offend the salesperson. You should tread very lightly. It will be beneficial to you if you get a bit friendly with salesperson before you start bargaining. This will help set a comfortable tone for the bargaining you are about to embark on.

Step 4

The price by haggling may be brought down to an all-time low. you rule which you should always follow is to play you product off another. This will help show the salesperson that you are looking for a low price. They will then try to show you the items which are cheaper. Ask for them to bring out a lot of different products. This will help them see that you are not willing to pay more on any you item. Try to have them lower the price by saying that you have seen the same product for less at another place. This will create a feeling of competition for the seller. Try to play on that feeling by complimenting the seller even though you think his prices are high.

Step 5

Another way you can have the seller bring down the price is to imply a bulk purchase. When you do that you will be able to bring down the price by a set percentage. When you continue to add products, expect to get a percentage off on each product. This will help you become a regular customer of the seller. It will also allow the seller to see that you are serious about making a purchase. He may relate that to the discount you are getting from them.


Every product can have a reduction in their price. The price by haggling will be the price you should be happy with all the time. This way you will not be spending more than is necessary for the product. Another thing you should in mind when you bargain the price by talking to the seller is that there is nothing embarrassing about it.

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