List Of Accredited Colleges And Universities Around The World
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List Of Accredited Colleges And Universities Around The World

Published at 01/24/2012 18:49:05

Importance Of Accreditation

List Of Accredited Colleges And Universities Around The World

People are aware of the importance of learning and education. Nowadays, people not only go to any schools or universities but they make sure that these accredited colleges and universities. This is actually a good thing to do considering that there are many learning institutions today that are actually not accredited. Being in an aaccredited colleges and universities will give you the assurance that they have meet the standards set for colleges and universities. This will also ensure proper and high-quality learning for the students.

Many Universities Are Non-Accredited

List Of Accredited Colleges And Universities Around The World

With the importance of accredited colleges and universities, online or web-based schools are also being look at using the same scrutiny. There are now hundreds of online universities that provide certificates, diplomas, and degrees to the people who applied to their online courses. These people are actually hoping not just to learn things about the courses they pick but also to earn credibility with those diplomas and certificates.

Sadly, many among these online universities are not accredited to give out such courses or trainings. So those who are enrolled in their courses will not be getting any legit certificates and diplomas that are recognized worldwide. This defeats the purpose of online universities and colleges to provide legit certificates and recognitions.

A Few of the Accredited Ones

List Of Accredited Colleges And Universities Around The World

To give people an idea of which accredited colleges and universities are really accredited, we have here a list of some of these schools. This is not all the accredited colleges and universities all over the world but this is a good list to reference.
Kaplan University is one of the accredited online institutions. This university provides the online degree takers 24 hours of support and services. All their teachers and other staffs are qualified and registered in terms of teaching in the online setting.

University of Phoenix is another one that is considered accredited and is the largest university in North America. Students can really depend on this university in providing them that the professors and instructors are the best there are.

Another accredited university to teach online is Ashford University. This university is known for its affordability and fast learning methods, the structures in their programs or curriculum are designed for faster and effective learning for students. It is said that quality and speed are the elements that set Ashford University among the others in the world.

How to Know Which

It is always important to find which institutions that you considered getting enrolling in are accredited and reputable. Those accredited institutions or universities have been certified by the different accreditation organization which means you can expect excellent academic instruction. Knowing which among the different colleges are legit and accredited may be tricky but it is not impossible.

There are ways to determine which schools are accredited. One way is through the help of CHEA. The Council of Higher Education Accreditation can provide you with a list of these accredited colleges and universities. Those that are not in the list are not accredited or have not gotten their accreditation yet.

It is always better to enroll in courses from those that are accredited.


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