How To Find a Cell Phone 3G
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How To Find a Cell Phone 3G

Published at 02/16/2012 05:37:37

Cheaper And Better Phones on Faster Networks

How To Find a Cell Phone 3G

3G phones now a days come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.  Cell phone 3G are now available at cheap prices (You can get a 3G phone for as less as $60) and the customers are now at odds to decide on which phones to go for. Many telecom operators have now moved on to the cell phone 3G networks that promises better network and data transfer rates so it will only be a matter of time before everyone gets a 3G connection. The best thing about 3G phones is that you can view websites like Youtube without any breakdown in connection.

Almost each and every manufacturer makes cell phone 3G phones nowadays.  Popular brands like LG, Motorola and Samsung have phones that suit the tastes of different users; the relatively less popular brands also offer a good range of 3G phones to choose from. This makes it an even more difficult task to choose a phone that suits a user's needs. While buying a cell phone 3G, the main thing on your mind should be your budget and needs. Here are a few things that you should look for in a cell phone 3G.

Step 1

1. If you are looking for a business phone, you should consider that data transfer rate, processing power and the operating system on the phone. Many apps are available only on a certain platform so you have to make sure that your new phone can run the app use. Also, if your work involves transferring high volumes of data, you should take a look at how fast the device can transfer your files.

Step 2

2. Though you can buy phones like the iPhone 4S and Samsung S1 on contracts, you could suffer from poor network service from your operator. Also, you may not be able to switch between networks even after fulfilling your contract with the operator, so make sure that you can switch networks in the future.

Step 3

3. cell phone 3G networks consume a lot of battery life, so be sure to check how long your battery would last between recharges. This is very important for people who are always on the move.

Step 4

4. Right now most of the cell phone are in 3G, but only a few network offers the full potential of the features for the 3G service.

Step 5

5. Cell phone 3G are all over the market, so you just need to look for one that suits your individual taste and needs.

Jailbreaks and Hacking

How To Find a Cell Phone 3G

Phones like Apple's iPhone4S and Android based phones can be hacked to switch between different operators or install custom software. Some phones are easier to hack while others are difficult or almost impossible sometimes, so be sure to check out the internet for reviews and news about these topics and then decide on buying if you like to do such things on your phone. Be careful though, as these things could ruin your warranty claim.

HD Content or Not

Most new phones are powerful enough to watch HD content, so you should definitely inquire about the screen resolution on your next phone. Also, there are lot of phones that have anti-glare technology on their screens which makes viewing your screen in direct sunlight easier. This is a very good feature to have as you can watch your videos and messages anywhere without worrying about the sunlight affecting the image on the screen.

Whatever your budget is, you can definitely find a cell phone 3G that suits your needs and budget.


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