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When looking around for the very best car seats for your infant, you are out on a limb to choose from a dazzling array of brand names, sizes, styles, longevity, and safety. At this point, you may glean information from friends and relatives, and sometimes, online seats car reviews tell you about the best buy for your precious one.

Step 1

Yet when it actually comes to shopping for good, durable, and secure seats car for your infant, common sense wins every time. Safety, of course, is imperative and the first criterion to search under, but there are other factors to consider which cannot be ignored.

Step 2

Federal crash tests in the U.S. must certify the safety level of your seats car. Simply put, all car seats on the market have to pass these tests. Sometimes a seat car has additional features to up its safety factor—something like non-twisting straps or built-in locking systems. These features may put your mind at rest as far as safety is concerned regarding the seats car. However it has been found that the lowest priced seat car, minus these things, has passed the crash tests. So the most you can do is to make sure is that you get the car seat properly installed.

Step 3

Select the best fit for your baby. Let your baby’s age, height and weight dictate the type of seat car to buy. The only infants’ car seats are rear-facing and used for a baby of 201 lbs. The convertible car seat is used rear-facing for a baby who is a year old and which weighs 201 lbs. It is then used forward-facing, according to the specifications on the seat car.

Step 4

It is mandatory, to read and follow instructions, so that you may be able to install the seat car with ease. Especially, read the manual which comes with your purchase, so that you can make your little one comfortable and safe, by adjusting the safety harness properly. Remember, that even a very highly priced car seat, with a lot of installation features, is of no use to her, if you cannot install the seat on your own.

Step 5

It’s best not to buy a used car seat, and if you must buy one, take it only from those people, whom you can trust. Before you make a buy of this sort, learn as much as you can about its past history. If it has been in a previous crash, it is highly unlikely that it will survive a second one. Moreover, hidden damage to a seat car, because of an earlier crash, often goes undetected. This factor puts your infant at a risk of injury, in the event of a second crash happening.

Ditch the extra accessories unless they come with the car seat. Certain accessories, such as head positioning devices, or seat-belt ratchets, are not safe to use unless they accompany your seat car. These may prove harmful to your baby, as being bought after your car seat. they have not passed the mandatory crash tests and could injure your little one. 

The best deals for car seats are those that fit your car, your baby, and your budget.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 03/05/2012
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Get the Best Deals For Seats Car. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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