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How To Choose the Best Baby Strollers And Car Seats


Baby stollers and car seats are a must have when you are expecting a new child. A car seat is the most important safety item that you will purchase. A stroller is the easiet way to transport your baby around instead of carrying them through the mall, in a busy area, or just taking them for a walk around the block. Choosing baby strollers and car seats can be an overwhelming process because there are so many different ones to choose from. Not only are baby strollers and car seats available in different brands, but they are also in different types, styles, and colors.

Step 1

When choosing baby stollers and car seats, decidce what will be the most effective product for you. Baby strollers and car seats can be together as something called a travel system. A travel system is the best option for infants and if you still need to purchase both the stoller and car seat. A travel system is an infant car seat that includes a base so that it can snap right into your car. The car seat can be easily unsnapped from the car and then snapped on to the stroller. Once your child outgrows the infant car seat, you can use the stroller as a regular seat, but will need to purchase a new car seat.

Step 2

Baby strollers and car seats are also available in other styles. A convertible car seat is a great choice that will fit your child from birth up to 50 or 60 lbs. As an infant, the convertible car seat can be rear facing and reclined to provide comfort and safety for your baby. Once your child hits the 20 lb. and one year old mark, the convertible car seat can then be turned around to be forward facing and will last for several years until they are able to go in to a booster seat. When buying this type of car seat, the stroller will need to be purchased seperately.

Step 3

When buying your baby strollers and car seats seperately, there are lots of different strollers that you can choose from. So many in fact, that you may have no idea which option will be best for you. There are three main types of strollers and they are the regular stroller, an umbrella stroller, and a jogging stroller. As an infant, a regular stroller is recommended. This stroller will get this most use because as an infant, you can snap an infant carrier to the stroller and as your child is older, it can be used as a regular stroller. 

Step 4

If thinking about other baby strollers as a car seat option, you may be interested in the umbrella or jogging stroller. These are not recommended to use until your baby has good posture and is able to hold their head up completely on their own. An umbrella stroller does not provide as much support, but is a light weight and smaller option for a stroller. A jogging stroller is used for just that, jogging. This stroller is easily maneuverable and is easy to push while you are jogging.

Step 5

Go to a baby store, such as Babies R Us, to check out all of the baby strollers and car seats that are available for purchase. To find the best one for your needs, read over all of the specifications an features that the stroller and car seat offers. Babies R Us even allows you to test fit a car seat. Simply find a car seat that you like and ask an employee if you can bring it out to your car to make sure that it fits. This is the best way to find a great car seat that fits in the seats of your vehicle.


Baby stollers and car seats are all different and have age recommendations. Be sure to read the packaging before buying these products.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 03/19/2012
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