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Deals And Offers For Baby Infant Car Seats


Baby infant car seats can be purchased at large retailers around the world. A car seat is something that every baby will need to have before leaving the hospital. In many places, you may not even be able to leave the hospital until they have ensured that you have a car seat and know how to use it properly. Although baby infant car seats can sometimes be expensive, there are deals and offers that can be taken advantage of to get a high quality seat at a low price. Remember, this is something that your child will be in every day to keep them safe from potential accidents.

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One store that you can always find deals on baby infant car seats, is at Babies R Us. Babies R Us is a great place for parents to shop and find all of the essentials that they need for a newborn, such as cribs, strollers, feeding accessories, and most important, car seats. Baby infant car seats are available in a number of different brands and styles. You may be interested in purchasing a travel system, where the car seat comes with the stroller and can snap into place. Babies over a certain weight can also use convertible car seats. These baby infant car seats are able to be placed rear facing and then changed to forward facing. At Babies R Us, you can take advantage of the trade-in event, where you can get 20% off a baby infant car seat if you trade in any old baby item. Babies R Us also always offers 20% coupons for any one item in the store.

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Target is another large retailer that offers great deals on their baby infant car seats. Always check the Target circulars in your weekly newspaper, to see if there are any car seat sales going on. A few times a year, Target has a massive baby sale, where you can get some of the hottest baby infant car seats and other items at great discounts. You may even be able to take advantage of special offers, where Target will provide you with a gift card when you buy a certain car seat. If you have any gift cards to Target, combine these with sales and offers to get an even better deal.

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You can always find baby infant car seats at great prices online. Amazon and other retailers strive to bring you the lowest prices out there. If you do not like shopping online because you can not see the item in person beforehand, try going to a retailer near you and seeing if they have the item in stock. You can check it out at the store and then purchase it online for less. Stores such as Walmart even offer lowest price deals. If you see a baby infant car seat advertised somewhere else for less than their price, they will give it to you for the price that you saw marked elsewhere.


Fit the baby infant car seat to your car before bring your newborn home in it. Some car seats may not fit correctly on certain types of seats. At Babies R Us, you can request to bring the car seat out to your vehicle and test fit it before buying.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 03/13/2012
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