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the Best Toddler Car Seats


When choosing a toddler car seat for your child, you may worry how impact resistant and durable that the car seat may be. However, there are a few things that you should always look for when going to purchase a car seat for your child. First you always want to make sure that it is crash test approved and rated. You also need to make sure that it has the five point harness system. Also, look for one that is well-padded for your child's comfort.

Child toddler car seats had been around for many generations. These toddler car seats are meant and designed to protect your child in the event that you were to get into a vehicle accident. The original car seat models did not have a five point system on them like the new car seats do. When looking for a car seat you should always look for one that has both the belt going across the child flat as well as the belt that comes across both of the child shoulders. When looking to get a car seat that is for your child, you should compare as far as weight and height go. Some car seats are rear facing, others are front facing and some car seats feature both these.

One of the best car seats available on the market today is the Graco snug ride. This car seat is an excellent car seat for newborn infant children and fits children up to 20 pounds. You can purchase this car seat for around $70-$220 (alone or in a bundle with a stroller) and this can be purchased at most stores such as Walmart and toys r us. Another excellent car seat is the safety first brand car seat this car seat features the Five point system and can be used for newborns and also convert to a forward facing toddler car seat. Another excellent brand of toddler car seats can be purchased at any local Target store.

These car seats feature the five-point system and also have a headrest on the the left and the right side of the car seat for the child's comfort in mind. Features of this car seat is great for 20 pounds up to 70 pounds as a car seat you also can make this car seat into a booster seat by removing the top half and the booster seat is good up to 100 pounds. This can be purchased for $200 at any local target store and is an excellent choice when looking for a car seat that will grown with your child. If you are looking for a car seat that is a good price check out the evenflo brand car seat which is available in many colors. These car seats are soft and padded. Like all the others mentioned it is also crash test approved and sells for around $65.00.

Tips and comments

When shopping for a toddler car seat be sure to get one that fits your child's weight and height. Always seat a child rear facing according to your local state laws.

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