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A good way to know how much your car is worth is to make a list of all the car's characteristics. Call it worth my car. A good thing to do is to type in how many miles you have traveled with the car, the aspect of the paint, the aspect of the cars interior, and engines condition. If the car is old you should check if it has any rust stains, which are a very important thing that people look for when they are willing to buy a car. Rust decreases the car's value.

Making a list is the first thing you must do. After that, search on the Internet for your car and search a new car and a used car. Comparing the characteristics of the cars is the second important thing you should do to worth my car, if your car has a much better condition than the used car than it means it worth more than the used car you have found. If the your cars characteristics are close to the new car than you should focus on the miles you have travel with it, you should decrease 4 percent of the new cars worth for every 400 miles you have traveled with your car and another 4 percent for each year it has passed from the cars manufacturing date.

After establishing the worth my car price by decreasing those factors you should search again your car on the Internet which has the same condition as your car or a close condition if finding an exact game is a hard thing to do. See if the price you have found is close to the one you have established. If the prices are close then you should keep your cars current price. If the price is too low then you should increase the price, and if the price is too high then you should decrease it. Search more cars on the Internet and your car's price should be the arithmetic average of those cars prices.

Another tactic is to contact different car dealers to ask them how much they are willing to pay for your car. See if you get a bigger or a smaller price than the price you have established by yourself. It is very unlikely to find car dealers that can offer much but It worth a try to see the results of the worth my car.

Then after contacting different dealers you should again do an arithmetic average to obtain an average price, compare the price with the price you've obtained first to be sure. Now, the last thing you should do is to search for people that are interested in buying a car. A car that is washed and cleaned can also determinate the price of it. Its recommended that the car should be clean before showing it to the possible buyer. Demand a higher price than the one you have established so that you can negotiate.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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Worth My Car Information. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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