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How To Shop For Alloys Car Rims


Car manufacturers for a very long time have been fitting cars with steel rims. Steel rims are characterized as being the most resilient to wear and tear and are relatively cheaper to fit. However, they have a down side. They are heavy and considering the aesthetic aspect, make the car less attractive. Compared to the steel rims, car alloys rim happen to be not only less in weight but also give a more cosmetic charm to your car.

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Car alloy rims are also larger in diameter and width compared to the alloy wheels. Alloy wheels happen to be made from an alloy of aluminum or magnesium which contributes to its strength with less weight. For that reason you should prefer them compared to the steel rims.

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There are both advantages and disadvantages of car alloys rim. The advantages would obviously start from the fact that alloy rims jazz up the look of your car compared to steel rims. However, the advantages of car alloys rim extend far from the aesthetic value these rims give. They are lightweight and can increase the aerodynamics of the car. They also help in creating a far better grip and handling capacity for your car. The main disadvantage is not the cost which should be expected to be high but in fact it is the strength. It is not as resilient as steel and needs to be cleaned and maintained consistently.

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There are some considerations that you need to keep in your mind when you are about to purchase new car alloys rim. These considerations are important for you to understand because even though with the advantages alloy rims provide for your car, they tend to be expensive not only when purchased but also in maintenance. Generally there are three aspects of wheels that you need to consider for the perfect fit of car alloys. These are the PCD, Offset and center bore.

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Offset is defined as the distance that is between the hubs mounting present on the backside of the car alloys wheel to the center of the wheel. You can check the offset by looking at your wheel where it is usually stamped. When translated into English it means the insertion depth. Offset is categorized into three levels. These are the positive, negative and zero offset.

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The second of aspect of car alloys rim is that PCD. PCD means the pitch circle diameter which is the diameter taken from your wheels bolt holes. A sound alloy wheel will have a PCD of 4x100 or of 5x100. The last aspect of car alloy is that of center bore. It is the term for the hole in the wheel that seats the hub. For smooth driving and alloy rims to work to their optimal level, the center bore should be able to fit properly into the center bore.


Car alloy rims are not just used for aesthetic reasons now but in fact many car owners are opting for them due to their effectiveness in providing a smooth and more controlled driving experience.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/29/2012
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