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When friends or family get married it is one of the happiest times of their lives. Everyone around them typically is very happy and willing to have fun and make their wedding a special moment to remember.


Doing wedding car decorations has become increasingly popular with many people both old and young alike. It is not hard to decorate a wedding car, however you want to keep it tactful and tastful. There are many things that you should remember but here are some tips and the main points that you should keep in mind.

  • Never block the view of the driver mirrors, as you do not want a wreck occuring due to the decor
  • Never put anything that would disturb someone around the wedding car
  • Never put anything that would startle the groom or bride once they get into the vehicle
  • Always have fun with the decor and be willing to try various and new ideas that no one has ever thought of before


An excellent idea is to take a ribbon from inside the wedding and tie to the front of the car and use streamers that streatch from the bow back to the windshield. Be careful to never cover the windshield of the car as this could be dangerous to the driver of the vehicle.

Use window clings instead of chalk on the windows, because more than likely the happy couple will be leaving shortly for their honeymoon and who wants to stop and take the time to go through the car wash just because someone decided to use paint or chalk on their vehicle.

Tie just married balloons to the antenna of the car or anywhere that you can get them to stick to. Maybe even the tail pipe if necessary.

Tie just married signs to the bumper of the vehicle instead of putting somewhere to restrict the view of the driver or the passenger of the vehicle.

Leave a surprise gift inside the vehicle for the bride and groom. This could be a "tacky" gift such as lingerie or adult toys or you could leave a real gift such as bathrobes that match with their names, money or other items that they may need on the honeymoon. Another great idea is to make a honeymoon care package with wine, fruit and other items for the happy couple.

Leave the happpy couple a gag gift in their vehicle such as a adult dvd, or other funny items that they may enjoy (depending upon their designated taste)

Pack the happy couple a lunch in a basket so they can have a picnic on the way to their honeymoon. This would be greatly appreciated by the couple who may not feel like stopping to grab a bite to eat. Always find out beforehand what type foods that they both may enjoy eating so you will know what exactly to pack them in the picnic basket!







Tips and comments

Remember do not be scared to try new things just always make sure that any idea you decide to try is safe and easy to come off the vechicle if they will be driving it.


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