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Toys are an essential part of a child’s life. Toys are almost synonymous to childhood life. If a person didn’t have toys while growing up, you could say that that person missed a big part of his or her life. That’s how important a toy is to one’s life. Selling toys is a very good business. Integrity and fairness are qualities that every businessman should have. In the case of toys, pricing is a very important aspect that should be considered. So how do we know that the products are being priced fairly? Here are some tips in pricing toys.

Step 1

Current retail price in the market

Conduct a research of the items price in other stores and outlets. Make a careful comparison and study how much the prices differ. Once you have collected information regarding the current prices from other stores, decide the price. To have a fair price, your range must not be too high or too low when compared to the other prices. See to it that you are just in the middle of the average prices on the market.

Step 2

Consider the brand name

Manufacturers play a big part in determining the price of toys. Generally, prices are being based on the brand of the item or product. Study thoroughly if the item is original and authentic or not. By doing this, it will become easier to determine the price. In cases where the brand is unfamiliar to you and to the market, it would be safer to give it a lower price range compared to the branded items.

Step 3

Consider the manufacturing cost

If you happen to be the one who is manufacturing the toys, one big factor in determining its price is by knowing the manufacturing cost. How much did you spend to produce the toy? What are kind of materials being used? The overhead expenses incurred while making the toys like labor cost, electricity, gas and oil for the machine and equipment among others, this must all be considered when trying to determine the price of the toy.

Step 4

Popularity of the product a factor

Toys that are attractive and very marketable to buyers tend to be more expensive. If the item has sustained its marketability in a certain period of time, it is safe to place a significantly higher price. However, when it comes to the popularity of the toys, there are two things to consider when pricing it. First question is, is this toy popular but stocks are not that many or is hard to find? If the answer is yes, chances are this toy should be priced highly or expensively. Next question, is this toy popular and can be seen everywhere? If the answer is yes, it means that that toy is oversaturated. These toys must be moderately price and should not be expensive.

Tip 5

Consider the details of the packaging

The packaging of the toy is very important as it shows a great deal about the toy. Toys that are properly packaged usually means that it is made of good quality and with high standards. Check if there are detailed instructions placed inside the box. Quality toys have this original instruction written in a small manual placed together with the toy inside its package. If you see kind of items, it is safe to give them a high price.

Sources and Citations

So these are the things to consider when pricing a toy. Always remember that in order to do good business, fair pricing is a must.

By Leah, published at 03/19/2012
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