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How To Park Car on a Hill


There is a common problem to park car on the hill. We all know that this is very important topic to know. When people want to park car on the hill, they face some problem. Of course there are some ways to park car on hill. For this common problem, many accidents are occurred every year. So, to prevent these accidents, we have to know the detail about this. We have park our car very carefully. That is the main thing. But actually car parking on the hill is risky. Now we are going to discuss about the car parking when it is on the hill.




Step 1

If there is no places in the parking lot, then there is no way to park a car but on the hill. Most of the people think try to park in the open places. Whenever possible, try to park your cat perpendicular to the hill. When you have to park car on the hill, try to park your car park parallel to the curb. If you park the car faces the downhill then turn the steering wheel of the car toward the curb. On the hand if your car faces to the uphill. Then try to back of the front tire turns into the curb. This is a safe step.

Step 2

Another way is to put the car into the park and try to setup the parking gear. If unfortunately your car slips, then you can park again but this time it is to be done near the curb. And obviously set the wheels of the car against the curb. Many people suggest parking your car parallel of the curb but you have to stop it within six inches of the curb. An important step is to use the reverse gear, proper gear, low gear or park. This is a common trick. You must off the switches.

Step 3

But when there is no curb you have to apply some different ways. First way is almost same. Park your car in a parallel way. You have to turn the wheels of the car to the right. If you car start rolling, then from the flow of traffic, it will roll from the flow. Here, you also have to set parking gear and also apply proper gear, reverse gear and park gear. There are some tricks also. When you have to park in the sloping driveway, you must have turned the wheels. So, your car will not roll if the break of the car fails.

Step 4

Many tips and tricks are available to park car on the hill. But actually we do not know all the tips and tricks. So, we have to know about them. It is related to the life and property.

Step 5

Many accidents occur by a small mistake. So, we all should be careful about car parking. And, this is very important when we are on the hill. So, we have to hire expert driver who is very much expert about that. This is very important.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 02/11/2012
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